Winter Motorcycle Gloves and Summer Motorcycle Gloves:Buying Guide

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After the helmet,winter motorcycle gloves and summer motorcycle gloves are the most important gear a motorcyclist should have. For a rider who rides all year round in various weather conditions, needs about three pairs of gloves. One vented pair for warm weather, one pair heavily insulated for winter riding and one pair for in between weather.

If you want a pair of motorcycle gloves to do it all you need a three-season motorcycle gloves which is mid-weight to maximize versatility.

Motorcycle gloves are made of different animal hides-kangaroo, elkskin, deerskin, cowhide,sheepskin etc. Deerskin is buttery soft and more comfortable than your regular swag. Sheepskin has great tear strength but not abrasion resistant. Elkskin provides more abrasive resistance than common cowhide. Elkskin also has the plus factor of retaining shape and strength when wet.

If you are shopping for leather motorcycle gloves it is recommended that you buy premium hides at least 1 mm thick. Avoid the cheap ones sold at motorcycle rallies and those piled up at the front counter at your dealers.

Turn th motorcycle gloves inside out and inspect the construction. Seams that are sewn with a heavy duty thread makes potential buyers think, so much effort and thought went into the construction.

Choose motorcycle gloves that have pre-curved or articulated fingers to provide improved feel and immediate comfort. Wear the motorcycle gloves and squeeze your hand to check if there is bunching of the fabric because it can be uncomfortable riding with gloves that are bunching and also check if there is potential sore spot on your hands.

The best motorcycle gloves have solid retention system and top notch gripping system, so they won't fly off when you take an unexpected,unfortunate dismount and the motorcycle gloves are firmly fitted in your hands. It is ideal that you have a protective layers when you instinctively stretch out your hands in the event of an accident. If the motorcycle gloves are a little bit tight, go one size up. Or motorcycle gloves should not be too tight either as not to impede blood flow in your hands which can cause fatigue.

When you wear motorcycle gloves, it should have a superior feel on the throttle and brake lever, after all the hands do most of the work on the controls when riding. It shouldn't sacrifice dexterity all in the name of fashion. Many unfortunate dismount happens due to the motorcycle's gloves loose gripping system. Function first before style.

Leather motorcycle gloves can have inserts of additional layer of leather,closed cell foam and high-tech gel on the palms,knuckles and fingers as padding. These kinds of padding helps dampen the vibration coming from the motorcycle engine. High tech gel on the palm area is said to be the cure for those with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Summer Motorcycle Gloves
Xelement XG-296 Summer Motorcycle Gloves - Size : Large

It is tempting to ride without gloves or wear fingerless gloves on the dog days of summer. But don't kid yourself. You wouldn't want pain and numbness in your hands caused by too much exposure of the sun and wind. Even in the harshest of summer heat full-fingered motorcycle gloves is the only way to go. They shield your mitts from flying debris,blisters and sunburn while still providing protection and comfort.

Wearing gauntlets the kind where they go half-way up in the forearms is great at limiting intrusion of pest,chills and spills.Though they are not suitable for short summertime putts.

Summer motorcycle gloves come in different styles and shapes. They have bells and whistles. Some have air scoops, abrasion pads and plush linings. The main factor to look for in an ideal summer motorcycle gloves is airflow. It should be vented enough for air to move in and cool your hands. So we think of perforated motorcycle gloves. Choose the pair with holes that are not too large or closed together. So they won't easily tear with regular use and won't leave your hands with sun tattoos.

Check to see if there is extra reinforcement (preferably kevlar) on the junction of the thumb and forefinger area because these are high stress or impact prone spot. Summer motorcycle gloves reinforced with PVC panels on the fore and middle finger, ribbed knuckles for protection, score high marks and applauded for superior durability and protection.

Ideal summer motorcycle gloves should have various inner linings such as Goretex, Hipora, Air tex etc. to cover your hands from summer downpours. These membranes have ultra tiny pores so that rain won't intrude but breathable enough to let sweat vapor to escape to cool your hands.

There are designs summer motorcycle gloves that features a mix of leather and ventilated fabric like Airtex that looks like a yarn which encourages sheer air movement you hardly feel you are wearing gloves at all.

There is also a suede panel over breathable fabric for wiping rain from your face shield. The ultimate summer motorcycle gloves should be vented to let airflow come in, cool your hands at the same time keep you dry from rain,comfortable enough to provide protection against abrasion,chemical spillages,cuts and wounds.
Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Tourmaster Cortech Scarab Mens Winter Motorcycle Gloves Black Medium M
When temperatures drop,hands and feet feel cold. What's going on here is that body is distributing blood to warm the body's viatl organs like the liver,brain, the whole torso and leave the extremities to suffer. So to avoid hypothermia while motorcycle riding in winter time, you need to have electric vest to warm the body and a good pair of winter motorcycle gloves. Splurge on a man-made synthetic fabric made winter motorcycle gloves. Since your hands do most of the work like controlling the throttle and brake lever when motorcycle riding you need to keep your hands in good working condition particularly in cold-weather by wearing winter motorcycle gloves.

Insulation is the key feature of an ideal winter motorcycle gloves. There should be a high efficiency lining like 3M thinsulate in the palms,knuckles,fingers and between fingers.

Though many glove designs feature only insulation on top of the hands, but when the cold starts to pinch you will want more warmth. Just make sure to buy winter motorcycle gloves that are not bulky,shift and will not bunch or pull out which can cause clumsiness and can be potentially dangerous. A lighter insulation in the palm area is ideal for superior feel on the controls.

Aside from the glove's insulation to keep your hands warm,dexterity is another main point you should consider when shopping for winter motorcycle gloves. Your fingers should be free to move without binding and reducing circulation.Grippy material inserted between thumb and forefinger to prevent slippage at the controls is what you should look for in a pair of winter motorcycle gloves.

In a nutshell the ideal winter motorcycle gloves should be made of tightly woven synthetic fabric that are lightweight, with enhanced flexibility,abrasion resistance and superior lever feel.

The quintessential summer motorcycle gloves and winter motorcycle gloves should deliver superior functionality as the looks  and feel promise. They should feel cozier than any summer and winter gloves have the right to.

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