Reasons Why You Should Buy A Harley Sportster 883

"You will outgrow your Harley Sportster 883". That is probably the biggest myth in the motorcycle world.  You put a nice sundowner seat and it will feel like you are riding a softie especially if you are touring cross country. In fact you can do a lot with it like riding two up, attaching a windshield, put a passenger backrest,sissy bar, highway pegs, vh pipes and luggage racks. You can do anything with bigger bikes like say a Road king  that you can also do with a sporty.

Some others reasons to buy a Harley Sportster 883 are:

You can also do a 1200 conversion to the 883 engine for $800-$1200. The gearing will still be different than a 1200 but it will still give you the power if you want it.They may not ride as "smooth" as the bigger bikes, but doesn't that make you more of a man to want to be adventurous enough to tour across states on a bike that is not built to ride like a car? Being on a Sportster makes you feel like you are really riding a motorcycle, not a couch down the street.

 The sportser may not have a real high horsepower rating as compared to an import, but you have to know how to read into that, look at the hp and torque curves, the sportster is quite flat... providing great power at all speeds, the import is a very sharp curve.... even though the number may be higher.

The purchase price was comparable to metric bikes with displacement in the same range, Harley's traditionally hold their value better.

Harley sportster 883 are not as big as the Road King or the Soft tails but easier to handle in  tight turns . There are so many aftermarket parts to customize it the way you want too, a lot more then there are for some of the metric cruiser's.

You will never outgrow a sportster,you just sorta melt into it and become one with it,the day may come when you might want a bit more power,or accessories,but there are a lot of kits to choose from to customize your sportster just the way you want it

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Reasons Why You Should Buy A Harley Sportster 883

How Does A Harley Davidson 883 Differ From Harley 1200?

Welcome to Harley Davidson Accessories blog.

You can tell the difference from a Harley Davidson 883 to a Harley 1200 through compression test, the over all feel of the ride. and by matching the Vin and serial number. Although for the most part it is not so easy because both bikes may have the same color, chrome , accessories, and engines are somewhat the same except for the diameter of the bore.Both motorcycles are air-cooled.

Here are more hints to know the difference between a Harley Davidson 883 to a Harley 1200:

The 883 vin starts with 1HD4...The 1200 starts with 1HD1...That will tell you what it was manufactured as...As stated it is hard to tell if it has been converted unless you tear it down...Unless you know the difference in how the two perform.

Some guys will of course say about 317 cc difference.. That is about it though. Same frame and lower end. I think the 1200 has a larger bore and stroke and a lot more torque and hp and an air cleaner that looks like a can of ham.

Other than the obvious mentioned 317cc, the other difference is in transmission gearing I believe. The frame of the two are the same. Drive pulley (gear) on the rear wheel is different by a couple of teeth too, I think about 15 to 20 hp. look almost identical. steeper gearing in 883.

The stroke is the same, the 883 has a 3.00 inch bore and 3.81 stroke the 1200 has a 3.5 inch bore and a 3.81 stroke. The 883 comes with a 27 tooth countershaft sprocket/pulley and the 1200 comes with a 28 tooth in the US. European models come with 30 tooth countershaft pulleys.


How To Maintain A Harley Davidson 883?

Welcome to Harley  Davidson Accessories Blog.

To debunk a popular misconception, Harley bikes particularly a Harley Davidson 883 won't cost you an arm and a leg to maintain.

 It wont take much just like any other Japanese motorcycles to maintain. Aside from the basic oil and filter changes, there are no valve adjustments. Anyone with the basic tool kit can do it yourself.

 Here are some of the things you need for your Harley Davidson 883 upkeep:

1. Factory Manual--60 (new) about 30 (used) 

2. Change the oil every 2500-3000 miles. 3 quarts of oil, a 8 dollar filter and a quart of primary fluid. To complete this task you will need a oil filter wrench, a flat blade screw driver, SAE hex keys and a 9/16 wrench. it takes about 20 minutes.

3. If you buy a new one don't let the dealer talk you into a bunch of expensive and unnecessary maintenance. Find a good independent shop to deal with.

Maintenance on a sportster is easy,you can do a lot yourself.However if you don't want to touch it,lots of dealers sell prepaid service.This is cheaper and included in bike price.If you ride a lot its a good buy.Look in to a used Sportster they sell cheap.

5.Oil change,spark plugs,air filter and check your primary chain & final drive belt tension every 5k & that's about it. And an oil change includes the tranny oil too Tires depend on how much you ride & how you ride Burn-outs etc.

6.The HDs have no valve adjustment, have a Kevlar belt which may last you as long as you own your bike (try that with a chain), and you can get longer lasting tires on this type of bike (about 20K miles). HDs are as maintenance free as cars and oil changes are much easier and cheaper.