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Buying Harley Davidson motorcycle cover is one option if you don’t have a garage or at least a large living room to park your Harley bike. Another important reason for you to buy Harley Davidson motorcycle cover is to keep potential thieves from prying and hauling your scoots away into a waiting van. Harley Davidson motorcycle cover offers you the best bang for your security buck.

In the early days before the advent of plastic and polyurethane materials now commonly used for motorcycle covers, tarps were used to drape over the full-dresser or touring bike. Tarps were cheap but needs constant replacement.

You know as well as i do that Harley Davidson motorcycle cover or any other brands of motorcycle covers are not made equal. Either you want to buy a full-on heavy duty cover that is garage-like in size or you choose to buy lightweight motorcycle covers for traveling, so you can easily pack these motorcycle covers and put in handy bag and you are ready to go.

Harley Davidson motorcycle cover offers high end features and amenities like for example, the topside is coated with vinyl for water-proofness, presence of heat shields, so you won’t have to wait anymore for your Harley bike to cool down to put the motorcycle cover. Other features like its ultra violet rays protected to resist fading and cracking. It is ventilated and to prevent damage that condensation might cause the motorcycle cover has plastic-framed vent holes.

Another features Harley Davidson motorcycle cover or any other motorcycle cover brands are vent panels, a wheel wedge,s ewn-in windshield liner and of course it has to be moisture protected or water resistant for that “all weather” quality. By offering features like heat sealed and double stitched seams, soft lining,elastic hems,rust-proof grommets,bungee cords and storage pouch are also added features that you might want to look for when buying Harley Davidson motorcycle cover. And for that rust-inhibiting factor the motorcycle cover is applied with Zerust an anti-corrosion formulation that is odorless, non toxic and invisible.

To sum up, here are the qualities you should look for if you are in the market for motorcycle cover:

-must be UV protected
-must have non-scratching liner
-has rust inhibitors
-has elements to prevent condensation build up
-must have heat shields or heat resistant coating
-water resistant
-must come with a standard two year warranty

So whether you are looking to buy Harley Davidson motorcycle cover for your touring bike complete with saddlebags and windshield or just large enough to cover the front of your gas tank to the rear fender. There is a wide array of available sizes and styles that fits your needs. Not only a Harley Davidson motorcycle cover an anti- theft device it is also simply to keep pigeon poop and rainstorm at bay.

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