How To Buy Top Rated Gps For Your Motorcycle

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The first question of would- be buyers is “ What is the top rated Gps unit for my motorcycle?” Well, that depends on your personal preference and budget. Whatever model or brand you choose, it is the person who inputs the data that provides the accuracy.

The latest generation of top rated gps units are almost weather-proof and are considered mini-computers that can be mounted on the handlebar or the bike’s in-dash system. Top rated gps can give you directions to every nooks and crannies of whatever country you are in. It can help you find hotels, restaurants,gas stations and even record and share favorite rides with a community of like-minded people. Gps is an invaluable tool. If you have a rigid schedule to keep and have to be somewhere at a designated time, just set the gps unit to find your destination and leave that setting all day. The gps will let you know how long it will take to finish your ride.

Top rated gps devices are now more user-freindly and the standard features are internal rechargeable batteries and pre-loaded map database. Extra features include updates of real time traffic,weather etc. at additional cost if you subscribe.

Like any other technological gadgets Gps is not foolproof and there can be a learning curve. Mountains,gravel roads, tall buildings can distort satellite signals and batteries can drain. So beware if you are trekking on little country roads. Don’t follow your gps blindly and take a map and compass along as a back-up. You also have to take note that there are new roads that come online and old streets that are closed everyday. Gps are not updated daily so it is not absolutely accurate.

Gps is only as good as the person who loads and the accuracy of the maps loaded into it. And for riders who wants to ride in the rain naturally,will want a gps device that is waterproof, that can be submerged at least one meter underwater for approximately thirty minutes.

Your personal preference will really dictate your decision in buying a top rated gps unit. And another thing Gps units dont always provide the fastest quickest route to your destination, so give yourself extra minutes to hours of additional travel time.

Here are mind blowing features that the latest breed of top rated gps devices offer ( prices notwithstanding) :

-the chipset allows the gps unit to tap into as many as twenty satellites at once. That will result in the most efficient route and quickest directions to your destination.

-receives Xm and Fm radio signals and updates on weather and traffic.

-screen with two views, which display on screen compass, showing speed, display altitude, mileage, distance covered and arrival time.

-extra storage from 512 Mb to upwards, for added track logs and preloaded maps of up to six million preprogrammed points of interests, when you need to find gas stations,airports,hospitals,school zones,banks,hotels and restaurants.

-high resolution color touch screen that is visibly crisp even in broad daylight and is backlit for night use.

-hitting menu icons is a cinch even if you wear thick riding gloves.

-you can input addresses,cities,intersections,latitude and longitude.

-turn by turn instructions (voice or text) which gives you immediate warning of upcoming turns.

-electric compass and altimeter function

-usb port

-battery power that can last up to twenty hours or rig the included 12 volt power cord to the bike battery directly.

-screen with automatic zoom ins of complicated intersections.

-bluetooth technology for wireless integration .

-mounting system that makes it easy for you to transfer the gps between your car, boat and motorcycle

-built-in mp3 players and picture viewer.

-large menu of adjustable capabilities and a host of possibilities for customization

Long haul travellers whether by boat,airplane,car,motorcylce or by foot, swear by the functionality of the gps navigational system. Top rated gps devices have become the ultimate electronic gadgetry for any kind of travelers who wants to embark on a journey with a particular destination and schedule in mind. They would argue that no single item of technology has given road trekkers as much benefits as top rated gps units do. Gone are the days of aimless and meandering road trips.

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How To Maintain Your Harley Tires

180/55ZR-18 (74W) Dunlop D207 ZR Rear Motorcycle Tire Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCA V-Rod VRSCR V-Rod, Basic VRSCB V-Rod, Night Rod VRSCD V-Rod, Street Rod VRSCRWelcome to Harley Davidson Accessories Guide.

When motorcycle design got more sophisticated and specialized like there are street bikes, touring bikes, sports bikes etc. tire technology followed. Motorcycle tires were specifically manufactured to handle high speeds and great cornering traction as in racing bikes. Touring bike’s tires however were made to handle heavy loads in long distances and cruiser bikes for their aesthetics like the pretty 180 mm wide rear tires.

There are various tire manufacturers that make tires for Harley Davidson Motor Company like Michelin, Dunlop, Bridgestone and Pirelli. These companies make Harley tires that offers superior grip in dry as well as wet weather riding conditions. These motorcycle tires can be mounted on various Harley Davidson motorcycles like the Dyna and Sporster models.

To improve gas mileage and effectiveness of stopping, accelerating and braking a rider must check his harley tires consistently. Two major aspects of motorcycle maintenance are the brake fluid and tires. Harley tires won’t take much to serve the motorcyclist really. Just keep them properly inflated and frequently check your Harley tires for visible damage like sidewall puncture or slashes and tread separations. These are characteristics of damaged tires and they should be replaced. Riding on damaged tires is dangerous. You wouldn’t want to be caught in the middle of traffic with a blown out tire. Your motorcycle gets unstable and steering difficult. Just getting to the shoulder can be quite a challenge. And if you are in a corner things could get horrible.

Harley tires are build (especially in today’s technology) for toughness but tires are confronted with various road hazards like potholes,gravel,nails etc. You can’t completely steer clear from these threats but you can always check to see if there are any inflicted obvious damage to your harley tires. So it is the first and important motorcyclist’s assignment, to inspect them every morning when your harley tires are stone cold.

Using an accurate tire gauge, you can check pressures. If you are not sure of the recommended pressure, check your owner’s manual or the VIN plate. Increase pressure by 10 percent for better traction in wet conditions or increase it to the upper limit if you load a lot of cargo on the bike. Putting loads of cargo on the motorcycle and riding it on under inflated tires can cause the tires to heat up rapidly and will have the tendency to come apart. Under-inflated tires mean decrease stability,limits traction and susceptible to dangerous failure.

A tire pressure gauge. a spare inner tube (in case one of your tires goes flat on a trip), tread depth gauge to check the wear of your tires and tire repair kit or tire patch kit for tubeless and tube-type tires and tire irons, mini CO2 cartridges and a compression actuated pump are all must-haves for every avid motorcyclist.

Also check if the rims are cracked or dented. Make sure you have enough tread (use a tread depth gauge) in the middle and on the sides of the tires. Be wary if you see any bald or worn patches. You can still ride though a reliable tire repair kit might come in handy.

To clean the Harley tires, manufacturers recommend to use only soap and water to keep rubber shiny. Protectants sold in the market may only promote cracking and deterioration before the tire’s time. Wipe off any gas, lube or brake fluid immediately.

Do not ever mix and match tires of different kinds like tube-type tires vs. tubeless tires or bias-ply vs.radials, the result could be catastrophic. Manufacturers even suggest that you replaced both tires at the same time even if they wear differently.

Call your tire manufacturer’s toll free numbers, to be sure which tire to use on your bike, what tire is compatible with that aftermarket wheel, which tire models will mate with other brands. They would be happy to get your call and answer your inquiries.

Motorcyclists dont even realize that their bike’s single connection to the unforgiving asphalt is that shiny rubber encircling the wheel. They dont know how crucial the relationship of their motorcycle with the tire really is. When it comes to you harley tires what you don’t know can definitely hurt you. So check your harley tires always.

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Why Wear Electric Clothing?

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When the old man winter blows in, it signals the end of the motorcycle riding season. Especially those of you residing in the icy,snowy climate like Alaska, Northern Rockies or Minnesota. Otherwise you can extend your riding season for two months. You can ride earlier in Spring or later in fall. With knowledge and proper riding gear, it;s feasible to ride in the cold.

You can cover yourself with multiple layers of clothing, but still feel cold while riding your motorcycle. The solution? Electric clothing. Probably the best invention in modern motorcycling. Electric clothing that runs on 12 volts just be connecting to the bike’s electrical system can make your two-wheeled ride into a moving rapture.

The primary reason for wearing electric clothing is to avoid hypothermia. This usually happens when you body temperature drops down the normal level. Ot may be happening to you and yet may not be aware of it. When the coldness gets to you hands and feet, then to your vital organs like the brain. The results are: your reflexes will slow down and your judgment skews. You can;t handle the controls well if you don’t feel your hands and feet. This is a dangerous combination especially if you are riding.

Also, the moving chilly air could surprisingly suck away all your body’s warmth faster than you may have realize. When you core temperature reaches 90 degrees, you will pass out.

There are various factors that affect how cold we get on a bike like windshield. your body fat content and the food that you have eaten just prior to riding. But there’s nothing like the biggest impact of wearing electric clothing.

The electric vest is the biggest seller when it comes to electric clothing. Once your body warms when you wear the electric vest, the warmth or heat extends to the extremities.

Another seller is the jacket liner. Riders have decided that you need warmth in the arms just as well as other parts in the body.

Some mistaken notion about wearing electric clothing during winter is electrocution. People are afraid, they will be electrocuted when wearing one. First of all heated garments are waterproof and they run on 12 volt current only. The worst that could happen is that you feel a mild zing when riding through a small lake or body of water. Another thing, electric clothing don’t take up much amperage even if your sporting a full suit complete with accessories(lights and audio). Newer motorcycles have huge alternator outputs. Some run 500 to 700 watts. If you are worried about how much you and your passenger’s electric clothing amperage drawing, buy an inexpensive voltmeter to control your alternator’s condition.

Electric clothing manufacturers like Aerostitch, Gerbing and Widder produce a wide variety of heated clothing that you can mix and match and can be readily integrated because there is no standard connector.

Electric vests,chaps,jacket liners,gloves,heated grips,electric socks etc. have been redesigned and improved as time and technology have warranted. There are reversible electric vest.fleece on the inside and nylon on the outside. It will enable you to use it, in a variety of temperature. Riders appreciate the reversible electric vest for its versatility. Heated collars and heated pockets also offered gratifying relief of cold. Makes you feel toasty on the coldest of days and nights.

The bottom line here is electric clothing makes you feel comfortable and enables you to enjoy your ride better. It keeps you safer from hypothermia.

The choices that you make when buying electric clothing all come down to function,comfort, style and you budget.

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Motorcycle Rainsuit Buying Guide

Tourmaster Elite Series II 1 Piece Mens Motorcycle Rainsuit Black XXL 2XL
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A functional motorcycle rainsuit should be in every motorcyclist’s wardrobe. Yeth the motorcycle rainsuit os the last thing we buy as an accessory to the more prominent biker’s must-haves. Thinking....”I will just grab cheap motorcycle rainsuit off the racks at seven-eleven”....or “This stuff will get me to the office....and “this me will allow me to be visible on late night drizzle”.

Today there are dizzying selection of motorcycle rainsuits to choose from. The latest generation of raingear has become more effective,comfortable and compact than ever. What was once a $500 purchase, you can now plunk down $200-$300 motorcycle rainsuit of the same quality. Motorcycle rainsuits are now made with various protective and waterproof and durable materials like polyurethane coated vinyl (PU),polyvinyl chloride(PVC),breathable fabrics like Goretex and newer,lighter microdenier fabrics

The main idea is that motorcycle rainsuit should have microscopic pores that are large enough to release moisture vapor yet too small to let water molecules to get in. This will allow sweat to escape the garment for comfort in wet condition, but at the same time will keep you dry. Say goodbye tot he first generation motorcycle rainsuits that kept you dry but sadly drench you in perspiration.

The choice is up to you really, whether you want to buy motorcycle rainsuit on a friendly-budget price but comes with substandard features like huge opening vents at the shoulder blades that obviously invites water in. Motorcycle rainsuit with fragile shell that will tear through constant wearing and hard to get into, that will require you to huff and puff and usually you are already soaked when you have the motorcycle rainsuit on.

If you are the kind of road warrior who wants to invest on motorcycle rainsuit with a lot of forethought and with the intention to be free from the forecast, like the high-end,very much favored Harley Davidson rainsuit that are laden with well-thought out features, with bells and whistles galore and reflectivity to stop a train. Harley Davidson raingear offers raingaiter lug sole that encompasses your boots to keep the rainout with slip-resistant soles.

There are many other feature that top of the line motorcycle rainsuits offer that are not available in other mid-range to low-end ones. The creme de la creme of motorcycle rainsuits offer, starting with the cut. the neckline is taller in the back to snuggle up to your helmet. the jacket is a wee bit longer in back than in front, so you can tuck it under your butt to keep out side-sprays directly coming from your windscreen. the jacket collar is lined with soft corduroy for added comfort or a wide stand up collar with a fold-back tab.

Hoods are stowable. There is also non-skid bum patches to prevent you from slipping on your motorcycle seat. The seams are heat-sealed. the inner jacket lining is made of mesh to assist in air-circulation and easier to slip on.

The waist belt system has cinch that allows ample adjustment for added multiple layers of clothing. Also features a three-way gusset system that seals the main entry. Outer pockets have double flaps. Hook and loop closure system that secure all entry points. An adjustable crotch strap,heat resistant leg panels and stirrup to help avoid melting the suit tot he exhaust. Scotchlite strips on the back that lights you up almost in zero-visibility situations. Hand warmer pockets. Easily packable (both jacket and pants) when you are safe from the rain. And of course the unmistakable logos as in bar and shield logo for Harley Davidson.

In a nutshell here are major points to look for in buying a motorcycle rainsuit:

-two-piece rainsuits (jacket and pants) easy to get into.No more hopping and rolling the side of a busy road.

-packability, easily stored away when not in use


-a little bigger than your actual size to accommodate additional layers of clothing

-wide foot entry

Although these motorcycle rainsuits probably won’t do you much in the event of a tsunami. The bottomline here in acquiring a motorcycle rainsuit is that it must be durable,dependable and comfortable. That’s why if you have two-wheeled passion, experiencing nature first hand is inevitable. A motorcycle rainsuit should be a staple of any biker’s riding kit especially if you are the type who wants to ride, when you want to ride,where you want to ride.

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So You Want To Swap Your Stock Saddle For A Harley Davidson Seat?


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There is a mistaken notion when it comes to buying Harley Davidson seat or any other brands of motorcycle seat for that matter. We believe that if a motorcycle seat is soft then we think it is better. Well not so. In the show room we typically are drawn to the plushness of the luxurious soft motorcycle seat and hastily purchase it without checking twice if it’s really the right one for you.

If we want to swap our stock saddle for a Harley Davidson seat here are the qualities to look for:

1. Be wary of the soft motorcycle seat. Softer doesn’t always mean better. Even if initially the foam underneath the motorcycle seat is soft like a pillow, wait till you ride on it for longer trips. You will surely pain in your spine and butt and your legs will feel numb. because softer motorcycle seat will usually bottom out in the long run. You feel like you are just sitting on a metal plate(the seat beneath the foam) which is painful. It is because softer but cheaper foam has no resiliency and will collapse under pressure. Ideally, a motorcycle seat should have high-density foam in the middle and bottom parts and a thinner soft layer of foam closest to your butt and inner thighs.

2. Consider the rider’s personal specs. height,weight,inseam and posture will factor in your choice in buying a Harley Davidson seat. This is very important to the rider’s long range comfort. If the rider’s usual posture is slouching, it could mean the tailbone will get more pressure and expect lower back pain. If you sit upright, you are prone to upper spine aches. So the Harley Davidson seat you are thinking of buying must be positioned particularly the bucket should rise at the right angle.

3. The Harley Davidson seat must be wide enough especially for bigger riders and should redistribute your weight evenly on a larger surface. The rider should not feel cramped. Eliminating hot spots enhances long term comfort.

4.Consider the mounting and bracket system. Will it call for quick and sturdy installation of your motorcycle seat?

5. The touring crowd usually like to coax a passenger to travel with them. Make sure the passenger section is padded and roomy enough for the passenger’s comfort. The passenger shouldn’t complain of any slippage especially during braking.

6. Harley Davidson seat must absorb bumps superbly.

7. The cover of the motorcycle seat is important if you are the kind of person who is more into aesthetics.Leather is popular choice,appearance-wise but a bit expensive. Leather’s durability and breathe-ability are good qualities though leather is prone to water damage. Marine grade vinyl however can fetch a reasonable price compared to leather and at the same time mimics leather’s best qualities and moreover offers more water-resistance.

Mixing visual appeal,comfort and function is a bit hard when looking to buy or swap your stock saddle for a Harley Davidson seat. the qualities aforementioned above in looking to buy a motorcycle seat is surely a handy guide.

You have to remember though, that it takes an average of eight hours in order for the new Harley Davidson seat to break in for the materials to have good effects for the rider. Top companies that manufacture high end, top of the line motorcycle seats only want to design and build ergonomically shaped motorcycle seats available today.

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Buying Tips For Harley Davidson Motorcycle Cover

Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Motorcycle Covers w/ Lock & CableWelcome To Harley Davidson Accessories Guide.

Buying Harley Davidson motorcycle cover is one option if you don’t have a garage or at least a large living room to park your Harley bike. Another important reason for you to buy Harley Davidson motorcycle cover is to keep potential thieves from prying and hauling your scoots away into a waiting van. Harley Davidson motorcycle cover offers you the best bang for your security buck.

In the early days before the advent of plastic and polyurethane materials now commonly used for motorcycle covers, tarps were used to drape over the full-dresser or touring bike. Tarps were cheap but needs constant replacement.

You know as well as i do that Harley Davidson motorcycle cover or any other brands of motorcycle covers are not made equal. Either you want to buy a full-on heavy duty cover that is garage-like in size or you choose to buy lightweight motorcycle covers for traveling, so you can easily pack these motorcycle covers and put in handy bag and you are ready to go.

Harley Davidson motorcycle cover offers high end features and amenities like for example, the topside is coated with vinyl for water-proofness, presence of heat shields, so you won’t have to wait anymore for your Harley bike to cool down to put the motorcycle cover. Other features like its ultra violet rays protected to resist fading and cracking. It is ventilated and to prevent damage that condensation might cause the motorcycle cover has plastic-framed vent holes.

Another features Harley Davidson motorcycle cover or any other motorcycle cover brands are vent panels, a wheel wedge,s ewn-in windshield liner and of course it has to be moisture protected or water resistant for that “all weather” quality. By offering features like heat sealed and double stitched seams, soft lining,elastic hems,rust-proof grommets,bungee cords and storage pouch are also added features that you might want to look for when buying Harley Davidson motorcycle cover. And for that rust-inhibiting factor the motorcycle cover is applied with Zerust an anti-corrosion formulation that is odorless, non toxic and invisible.

To sum up, here are the qualities you should look for if you are in the market for motorcycle cover:

-must be UV protected
-must have non-scratching liner
-has rust inhibitors
-has elements to prevent condensation build up
-must have heat shields or heat resistant coating
-water resistant
-must come with a standard two year warranty

So whether you are looking to buy Harley Davidson motorcycle cover for your touring bike complete with saddlebags and windshield or just large enough to cover the front of your gas tank to the rear fender. There is a wide array of available sizes and styles that fits your needs. Not only a Harley Davidson motorcycle cover an anti- theft device it is also simply to keep pigeon poop and rainstorm at bay.

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