How To Buy Top Rated Gps For Your Motorcycle

Garmin nüvi 265W/265WT 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator with TrafficWelcome to Harley Davidson Accessories Guide.

The first question of would- be buyers is “ What is the top rated Gps unit for my motorcycle?” Well, that depends on your personal preference and budget. Whatever model or brand you choose, it is the person who inputs the data that provides the accuracy.

The latest generation of top rated gps units are almost weather-proof and are considered mini-computers that can be mounted on the handlebar or the bike’s in-dash system. Top rated gps can give you directions to every nooks and crannies of whatever country you are in. It can help you find hotels, restaurants,gas stations and even record and share favorite rides with a community of like-minded people. Gps is an invaluable tool. If you have a rigid schedule to keep and have to be somewhere at a designated time, just set the gps unit to find your destination and leave that setting all day. The gps will let you know how long it will take to finish your ride.

Top rated gps devices are now more user-freindly and the standard features are internal rechargeable batteries and pre-loaded map database. Extra features include updates of real time traffic,weather etc. at additional cost if you subscribe.

Like any other technological gadgets Gps is not foolproof and there can be a learning curve. Mountains,gravel roads, tall buildings can distort satellite signals and batteries can drain. So beware if you are trekking on little country roads. Don’t follow your gps blindly and take a map and compass along as a back-up. You also have to take note that there are new roads that come online and old streets that are closed everyday. Gps are not updated daily so it is not absolutely accurate.

Gps is only as good as the person who loads and the accuracy of the maps loaded into it. And for riders who wants to ride in the rain naturally,will want a gps device that is waterproof, that can be submerged at least one meter underwater for approximately thirty minutes.

Your personal preference will really dictate your decision in buying a top rated gps unit. And another thing Gps units dont always provide the fastest quickest route to your destination, so give yourself extra minutes to hours of additional travel time.

Here are mind blowing features that the latest breed of top rated gps devices offer ( prices notwithstanding) :

-the chipset allows the gps unit to tap into as many as twenty satellites at once. That will result in the most efficient route and quickest directions to your destination.

-receives Xm and Fm radio signals and updates on weather and traffic.

-screen with two views, which display on screen compass, showing speed, display altitude, mileage, distance covered and arrival time.

-extra storage from 512 Mb to upwards, for added track logs and preloaded maps of up to six million preprogrammed points of interests, when you need to find gas stations,airports,hospitals,school zones,banks,hotels and restaurants.

-high resolution color touch screen that is visibly crisp even in broad daylight and is backlit for night use.

-hitting menu icons is a cinch even if you wear thick riding gloves.

-you can input addresses,cities,intersections,latitude and longitude.

-turn by turn instructions (voice or text) which gives you immediate warning of upcoming turns.

-electric compass and altimeter function

-usb port

-battery power that can last up to twenty hours or rig the included 12 volt power cord to the bike battery directly.

-screen with automatic zoom ins of complicated intersections.

-bluetooth technology for wireless integration .

-mounting system that makes it easy for you to transfer the gps between your car, boat and motorcycle

-built-in mp3 players and picture viewer.

-large menu of adjustable capabilities and a host of possibilities for customization

Long haul travellers whether by boat,airplane,car,motorcylce or by foot, swear by the functionality of the gps navigational system. Top rated gps devices have become the ultimate electronic gadgetry for any kind of travelers who wants to embark on a journey with a particular destination and schedule in mind. They would argue that no single item of technology has given road trekkers as much benefits as top rated gps units do. Gone are the days of aimless and meandering road trips.

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