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Is Harley Davidson 883 A Good Motorcycle For Newbies?

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The Harley Davidson Sportster 883 is the ideal bike for beginners. It is even considered an entry level in the Harley Davidson motorcycle line up. Since it is smaller and sportier it is great for riding around town or cruising the highways. Harley Davidson 883  bikes are really for smaller person under 170 pounds and not taller than 5 foot 7. That is why sometimes the Harley D avidson 883 is called "chick bikes".

Here are few reasons why it  is the ideal bike for neophyte road warriors:

1. It's size and geometry makes it a an easier and quicker ride.

2. It doesn't have a lot of horsepower but just enough.

3.  The 883 is relatively low (seat height) so you can get your feet on the ground easily and  this is what is going to keep you from going down.

4. Most riders love the Harley 883 very much that they will want to upgrade it to Sportser 1200, after a few considerable seat time with it.

5. It does not stall easily because it has a huge flywheel.

If you are an average sized guy the 883 iron or otherwise is a fine choice for a first bike,. Its not  a good choice if you are a  linebacker who weighs 280 lbs and stands 6 '5". The harley davdison 883 is a  quick and nimble, perfect for a quick tour aound town and it is up to the task on any highway