Why Every Tom, Dick And Harry Wants To Own A Harley Davdison Sporster 883?

Imagine riding a Harley Davidson Sportster 883…and imagine  beautiful women yearn to ride with you. How would it change your life?

That is the lifestyle and experience  the Harley brand wants to share with you.

There are many variants of the Sportster 883  namely Iron 883, 883 Custom , 883 Low (now discontinued but replaced with 883 Superlow). Since Harley Davidson Motor Company rolled its first Sportster bike from the production line almost six decades ago, it has received various changes and upgrades through out the years.

 The Harley Sportster Roadster, Deluxe and Hugger  although once popular, stopped production.

The year 2004 was when all sportsters, like all the other Harley models got  rubber mounted treatment of their engines. It  means  HD pretty much eradicated the vibration issue of their motorbikes which plagued bike owners for years.

 Sportster 883  have never been more reliable and durable providing smoother rides since then. By 2007  Sportster’s mechanical set up was boosted with electronic sequential port fuel injection, in layman’s terms the Sportster line-up has increased torque power by a few percentages and breathed out cleaner emissions.

Although it retains the old classic, retro style look. The cockpit is multi-functional  though it may look minimalistic. It has speedometer, low fuel indicator warning light as well as low oil pressure indicator light. It would be beneficial if the tachometer is included but then,  you can always browse the immense inventory of the HD catalogue and order some accessories you like.

What makes the Harley Davidson Sportster 883 recognizable is its classic peanut shape fuel tank. It contains more or less 2 gallons of gas. So if you are the type of rider who  occasionally do some cross-country touring, it would be great if you bring  along a container with some extra gallons of fuel.

 Take advantage of a few stop over, light a cigarette, take a few drags,  stretch your muscles, relax,  and do the routine refill.

There are lots of nice things about the Sportster 883 that you want to consider  if you are  looking for a motorcycle to buy:

1.    Jugs and Pistons. Since the stroke is similar, add jugs and pistons to your Sportster 883 and make them into 1200. Or you can bore out the 883 cylinders, if you want it to pack more power and go faster. Even faster than a stock Harley Sportster 1200 would go. There are HD conversion kits available for a price of several hundred dollars cheaper than buying a new bike.

 People say that some owners will outgrow their Sportster 883 and trade it for bigger and more powerful bikes. But you have to factor in, that many will keep their Sportster 883 forever.

2.    Detachable windshields, tank bag, low sissy bar or any biggest  rugsack you can find and tie it up in your Sporster. If riding cross-country is your thing, then you are good to go. That is the versatility of the sportster 883.

3.  Low center of gravity. Thus the bike is easy to handle, quick and nimble to precisely steer  when you make turns all at the same time providing comfort and stability. It is an easy bike to ride because it is very forgiving when you make small errors. The sportster will lean farther, whip you through without much hassle in corners.

4.   No two sportster  look exactly alike. Add accessories like sport windshields, sundowner seat, passenger seat and back rest for two-up riding. Mix and match fuel tanks, headlamps, exhaust systems, add chrome etc. Extend your own personality and style to the bike.

5.  Soft clutch  and  reduction of lever effort when it comes to braking. You get more stopping power out of your light two- fingered squeeze at the controls.

6.   Resale value. Sportster 883 or any Harley Davidson motocycles for that matter retain  its value after years of riding it. Should you decide to sell it in the future you have no problem  with depreciation that much.

7.    Low maintenance. If your hands are skillful in handling torx or allen wrenches then  bike maintenance shouldn’t be a problem. But if you are not that mechanically inclined it shouldn’t be a problem either because Harley 883 sportster is easy to maintain.
Back in the late fifties and through out the sixties  Harley Davdison Sporster 883 was considered a badass bike. 

Its brute power and outstanding looks elevated it into “king of the hill” status.

Today with its stiffer frames, rubber mounted, air cooled, fuel injected engines, advanced braking systems, superior quality and looks, Harley Davidson  Sportster 883 survived the test of time and catering to brand new generations of two-wheeled adventurers.

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Six Reasons Why You Should Buy Harley Davidson Sportster

Welcome to Harley Davidson Accessories Blog.

Harley purist or not, do you ever wonder why the Harley Davidson motor company withstood the test of times?

In 2007,  Harley Davidson motorcycle company celebrated the golden anniversary of the Sportster which first came out in 1957. HD company produced only 2,000  of the sportster bikes which made the anniversary bikes more collectible.

The Harley Davidson sportster motorcycle was featured in the famous movie Mannequin which starred Kim Cattrall and Andrew MCcarthy, making the sportster the biker’s quintessential bike.

 The red, white and blue uniform replete with a cape worn by Evel Knievel when he performed those notorious death-defying stunts and the Sportster racer he rode on, are now on display  at the Smithsonian Museum.

 Harley Davidson Sportster series  is the longest running motorcycle model line-up ever manufactured.

Here are some of the reasons why  Harley Davidson Sportster is still one of the favorites of every bike-loving individuals:

1. The old vibration issue is a thing of the past. In 2004 Harley engineers started rubber-mounting their 883 cc evolution engine which assures smoother rides for bikers. The Sportster became reliable and durable as ever.

2. The motorcycle is customable. The Harley Sportster may be a little pricier compared to other metric bikes plus add any accessories you like from the plethora of selection in the HD catalogue, you are sure to turn heads around with your  personality-laden custom bike. If you are in it for the long haul, you wouldn’t mind  plunking a couple grand for you have one of the best bikes around. You never see the same Sportsters exactly alike.

3. It makes a good starter or beginner bike. It doesn’t weigh that much. It is quick and nimble especially in making turns. It sounds good. It looks good. It is the cheapest among the Harley stable of bikes that is why the sportster model is the gateway to owning or belonging to the Harley Davidson family without spending that much. You don’t have to remortgage your house or cash in your IRA.

4. It emits cleaner spent-gas. That should make the Epa happy. In 2007 the sportster  received the electronic sequential port fuel injection  like the rest of Harley bike models. That means saying goodbye to good old carburetor and hello to cleaner emissions.

5. Riding a Harley Sportster offers the ultimate Harley experience. It is air-cooled which means no more overheating in stop and go traffic or any location where it is hot.

6. Aftermarket parts or any Harley Davidson accessories are always available.  They are just about everywhere. You can order them whether offline or online.

Harley Davidson sportsters were first made  to compete with the lightweight and fast British imports back in the days. It enjoyed much of its heydays in the sixties. 

The sportsters have many variants namely, the 883 Super Low, Iron 883, 883 Custom, XR1200, 1200 custom, Nightster, Nightrain, Crossbones, Fatbob etc.

For motorcycle aficionados Harley Davidson sportster offers them the opportunity to ride on an American icon, enjoying the freedom,  the open road and the thrill  of  riding in the wind.

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