Harley-Davidson Men's Constrictor Motorcycle Boot Vs. Dingo Men's Rev Up Western Shoe

Harley  Davidson Men's Constrictor Motorcycle Boot 

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Product Description:

Bottom of Form
·         Leather
·         Rubber sole
·         Supple, Full Grain Black Leather Upper
·         Stitched leather harness and metal hardware
·         Full length cushioned sock lining with a breathable mesh surface
Heavy-duty, locking YKK inside zipper
9" leather shaft.
1 1/4" block heel.
Roomy round toe
 Harley Davidson logo zipper.

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It doesn’t matter  if you ride a Harley, a Boulevard or a Triumph. The Harley Davidson Men’s Constrictor Motorcycle boot is an essential item to complete your look.  These pair of boots  are not only recommended for its quailty, and style but for function as  well.

It is an ideal gift for a choosy giftee.

No more kissing the asphalt.

The rugged but solid, oil-resistant soles  of Harley Davidson  Men’s Constrictor Motorcycle boot provide   secure traction that when you plant  both feet  on the ground -it  stays there. You can stop on anywhere, whether  the pavement is wet  or  if the surface is sand mixed with gravel.  The soles are chunky that it has amazing grip.  it won’t slide.

Get the sizing right and save money on return fees.

Reviews of these boots say- order one size or half size smaller. So for example, you normally wear a size 10 get a 9 or 9.5. If you have extra wide feet, order it with an extra E width. To be extra sure,  actually try on a Harley Davidson Men’s constrictor motorcycle boots at your local shoe store. Get the size  right. And order it online ( cheaper by $50 .Give  or take)

Leather treatment for a comfy feel.

The quality of the  leather of these boots is good enough as it is. But if you want it to last for years and years, treat it with Leather Honey, mink oil or Neets foot oil. Apply treatment on a regular basis as leather will crack and wrinkle  from  tough wearing and constant bending.

Accessories for extra comfort.

To make wearing your motorcycle boots a delightful experience here are suggestions  you want to add:

-       -Gel insole for added cushioning
-       -Thicker hunting socks to keep you cool in the summer  and warm in the winter

If you want to wear boots  that’s dependable when you embark on a motorcycle hiatus or even a short weekend trip, if you want to get a footwear that will enhance your looks and image—get a Harley Davidson Men’s constrictor motorcycle boots  here.


Dingo Men's Rev Up Western Shoe

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 Product description:

     ·         Leather
·         Manmade sole
·         Ankle-high harness boot with brushed metallic hardware
·         Full-length instep zipper
·         Comfort cushion insole
·         7" leather shaft.
·         Cowboy heel.
·          Leather lining.
·         Single stitched welt.
·          Snoot toe profile
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If you love wearing Dingo boots  ever since  the 60’s or 70’s, then surely you’ll still love this awesome brand today. You’ll find that they have made improvements throughout the years just to suit your every specific need  just like the Dingo Men's Rev Up Western Shoe.

Riding motorcycles is such a fulfilling hobby but sometimes great expectations- can turn into disappointments.

You’re suppose to enjoy and savor the sights and smell of great sceneries, as you ride through every highways and little country back roads, But here you are, bothered by the aching wound on your calf… you’re riding boots are causing.

  And as you rev up your two-wheels’ engines up the hilly region, you  swear you’re wearing ladies’ shoes because your feet feel cramped. Your toes pinched.

How much better it would be if you wear a pair of motorcycle boots that fit your feet perfectly.. like they are tailor-made for you?  Motorcycle boots made of leather that feel soft and supple on your calves and shins.

Now take delight and enjoyment to own a pair of  Dingo Men's Rev Up Western Shoe. You’ll find that it has stylish yet timeless, classic design. You’ll love the clean lines, cut and boot angle. The snazzy straps of the outside portion of the boots are so attractive, you surely get compliments.

That expensive boots someone gave you on your birthday?

 Look at it  now: distressed, scuffed, sole-less, wrinkled.

But this will never happen again once you know how to buy a good pair that will last mile after mile  for years after years.

Do you have a bad back?  Have trouble bending due to a recent hip surgery? Pulling on and off Dingo Men's Rev Up Western Shoe is easy because of the heavy-duty inside the boot zipper. It makes it really a breeze to slip on the boots by yourself  (even if you thought it impossible at first).

Do you have deformed feet due to rheumatoid arthritis and have ”swollen” days that you struggled to find a comfortable pair of boots? The extra roominess and cushioned footpad of  Dingo Men's Rev Up Western Shoe is perfect especially when your feet are swollen.

Do you have artificial legs, skinny or large calves, even extra wide  feet or extra large instep? Whatever your situation is—wearing Dingo Men's Rev Up Western Shoe is the answer. Its short shank and wide opening make it easier  to slip into. These pair have great lining to prevent chaffing of the legs. If you want you can buy added insole for extra arch and ankle support.

 Been Invited to an upcoming cowboy-themed event? Dingo Men's Rev Up Western Shoe is perfect for the occasion. They are not too pointy in the toe area which makes these pair ideal and versatile.

Does your job require you to be on your feet all day and night? (e.g bartender) The Dingo Men's Rev Up Western Shoe will  hold up just fine. Not to mention the comfort- that rubberized footpad and aptly padded inner lining offer.

If you’re a sucker for motorcycle boots that provides comfort, durability, tough wearing design, superior craftsmanship, don’t squeak when wet, made of quality materials, takes your biker image up a notch,  all these at a reasonable price- then you’ll want to try Dingo Men's Rev Up Western Shoe.


What’s The Best Deal On Harley Davidson Men’s Scout Motorcycle Boots?

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Do more than just ride your Hog in it….do yard work in it…. or walk in it all day. The Harley Davidson Men’s Scout motorcycle boots feel so supple  you feel like you are wearing slippers. The leather,  is  full- grain premium  quality.  You can use either saddle soap  or  spit shine them for leather up keep. 

Harley Davidson Men’s Scout motorcycle boots are lace-less but with the side zippers, it makes for easy entrance. Taking them off is  easy too.

Ample Feet Protection

These boots have enough toe room, you  won’t feel pinched. And because these  motorcycle boots are non-lacing - means there are no pressure points on your feet. It doesn’t feel heavy or clunky at all,  yet it is sturdy and  solidly well-built. 

These keep  you feet dry if you are  riding in  moderate rain. With the rubber sole, you are guaranteed security because it absorbs shocks, no slipping  or sliding and provide good grips at stops.

Receive Compliments With The HD Men’s Scout Motorcycle Boots

If you love  the Harley Davidson Brand and what it stands for (quality, superior craftmanship)  or if you want to look like a true-blue biker you would definitely spring for a pair. 

Feel good inside when you cross your leg and flash that unmistakable Harley Davidson orange logo together with the distinctive ring-detail design of Harley Davidson  Men’s  Scout motorcycle boots. Make sure you buy a boot-cut pair of jeans  to get that wonderful flair over the boots.

Get the Harley Davidson look without breaking the bank. Check out the Harley Davidson Men’s Scout motorcycle boots price here.

Get a Discount And Save Money

If you’re the kind of buyer who wants  to purchase  quality items that will last for a long time then the HD Men’s Scout Motorcycle boots are for you. Many owners claimed their pair lasted for 7 to 10 years.

Maybe even more.

You therefore will save a lot of dough, by buying only a few times every decade or so.

 And owners/reviewers  of these boots claimed:

 They would not hesitate to buy another pair again not only for themselves, but for their family and friends as well. It comes highly recommended. Get an amazon credit card so you will get ample discounts  off thel isted price if you purchase HD men’s scout  boots on  amazon.com


Reviews have been consistent about these boots sizing. Many users insist on getting a pair one size smaller.

For example: If your actual size is 11  get a smaller size 10.5.  If it gets a little loose, a thick pair of athletic socks would surely suffice.

If you have wider feet, get the exact size.

Check out available Harley Davidson Men’s Scout Motorcycle boots sizes and colors  by clicking  here.

Harley-Davidson Men's Distortion Boot Vs. Ormond Bates Motorcycle Boot

Harley-Davidson Men's Distortion Boot  

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Product Description

Color: Black
Bottom of Form
·         Leather
·         Rubber sole
·         100% Authentic
·         Leather durable leather upper, side zipper
          adjustable cordiing
          metal buckle, 
         logo on the shaft and heel, and tab on the toe
          Shaft height: 6";
           Heel height: 1.5"..

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Have trouble bending when trying to slip on your boots? No worries. With Harley Davidson Men’s Distortion boots you can slip on and off  these pair really easily. This is possible by using  the heavy duty zippers at the side of the boots. It also has adjustable straps that you could tighten if you need to. 

That means you only have to tie the laces once. This is great news if you are too tired or too lazy to tie or untie the cords every time you wear Harley Davidson’s Men’s Distortion motorcycle boots.
Sure, you can’t run marathons in these boots but when it comes to riding your hog, these boots match well with your biker looks. 

The comfort of wearing these boots is second to none.

The metal piece like the buckle won’t rust or fall off even when riding your two-wheeled machine miles after miles.

Overall, your feet get ample protection, unbeatable comfort and expect to receive lots of compliments that the Harley Davidson Men’s Distortion  motorcycle boots has to offer. The price is reasonable too.

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Bates Men's Ormond Motorcycle Boot

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Product Description: 

Color: Black
·         Leather
Rubber sole
Leather Motorcycle Boots
riveted accents,
contrasting hex rivets,
 an engineer strap and buckle,.
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When you think of long motorcycle rides and catching great scenery, think  Bates Men’s Ormond motorcycle boots.

It doesn’t matter if you’re riding a Harley or a Honda, the open road and the thrill of adventure are waiting for you.

 Plus, wearing Bates Men’s Ormond motorcycle boots  enhance that fantastic  experience.

Do you want riding boots that double as combat boots? Like classy, cool looks yet tough and durable? Been looking for riding footwear with logger’s heel and made of unquestionably premium leather?

The Bates Men’s Ormond motorcycle boots are packed with all that…..
 and more:

      -Wide beefy, heavy-duty zippers on the sides so durable that it makes for easy take on and off- even if you have a bad back and have trouble bending.

2 -The extra heel height is beneficial to riders who are vertically- challenged which allows to get your feet,  flat while on the bike.
3.-The Goodyear constructed sole has great traction. Assures you solid grips at stops and intersections. You don’t have to worry about road rash.

4- It both weigh a scant 5 pounds. That’s means it’s not too heavy and not too light either. It doesn’t feel clunky and don’t make noise when walking on concrete floors.

5.-It  needs the requisite break-in. And once it does…will mold to your feet nicely. Makes wearing them so comfortable you feel like wearing slippers.

    -The price of this awesome boots  is actually a steal.

7   -It’s well-constructed. The stitching is superb. You look forward to having them for a long time.

8- You can lace up to a comfortable snug- giving your feet ample arch and ankle support.

9- Keeps your feet dry from heavy downpours and snow.

1- These boots higher than usual heel height  fit well on the foot pegs. Won’t scuff from frequent gear-shifting.

1-The side stitching on these boots has a reflective quality- perfect for night time visibility.

So own an all-purpose boots.

Ride your heart out.

Do it today.

Buy Bates Men’s Ormond Motorcycle boots here.

Top Three Harley Davidson Boots Priced Between $100-$150

1.  Harley Davidson Men's Steel-Toe Bill Motorcycle Boot

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Product Description:

Color: Black
·   Rubber sole
   Crafted Of Full Grain Leather
·   Classic biker harness strap with silver-tone ring
   Full length cushioned sock lining with a breathable mesh surface
   9 1/2" matching leather shaft.
   Side zipper closure. Heavy-duty, locking YKK inside zipper.
   Round steel toe profile and 1 1/2" heel. Imported.

 Check out more product description and dimension here.

Ride comfortably. Work safely- all day in these pair of Harley Davidson Men’s Steel-Toe BillMotorcycle boot. They are lightweight you don’t feel you are wearing boots at all. The heavy duty locking zipper on the side is very functional, you can take the boots on or off in a breeze.

Donning Harley Davidson Men’s Steel-Toe Bill Motorcycle boots feels comfortable. It allows for a more slender fit around your legs.  You won’t feel like you’re wearing buckets around your calves.

Size runs a bit small. Order carefully a size or half size smaller than you normally wear- to avoid  return fees.

Overall, reviewers like the looks and durability of these pair. They’re comfortable. They would recommend them definitely to a friend whether they ride a Harley or not.

2.       Harley-Davidson Men's Troy Motorcycle Boot

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Product Description: 

Color: Black
Bottom of Form
·         Leather
·         Imported
·         Rubber sole
·         Shaft measures approximately 8.5" from arch
·         Heel measures approximately 1.5"
·         Boot opening measures approximately 13" around
·         A pull-on loop and side-zip entry make this motorcycle boot easy to wear.
For more product description and dimensions click here.

When you wear   a pair of Harley Davidson Men’s Troy Motorcycle boots  your feet will be amply protected because the boots are well constructed and made of quality materials.

These boots  fit the highway pegs perfectly you will have an easy time shifting  gears. You won’t have to worry about scuffing the toe section of your footwear.

The outer sole is slip-resistant especially at stops and intersections. You won’t pick up any gravel or pebbles because these boots are lightweight.

Fully enjoy the scenery as you embark on a long odyssey on your motorcycle. Toss all your cares. Focus and savor every mile on your journey Wearing a pair of Harley Davidson Men’s Troy  motorcycle boots enable you to do - just that.

3.  Harley-Davidson Men's Slash Motorcycle Boot

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Color: Black
Bottom of Form
·         Leather
·         Imported
·         Rubber sole
·         Shaft measures approximately 6" from arch
·         Heel measures approximately 1.75"
·         Genuine Leather Construction
·         Easy-on lace-up styling with side zipper entry
·         Full length cushioned sock lining with a breathable mesh surface

For more product description and dimensions click here.

How would you like to ride your hog and wear motorcycle boots that feels so comfortable  you feel like wearing your good old reliable tennis shoes? How does it feel  looking like a real bad-ass biker and receiving lots of compliments?

 With the Harley Davidson Men’s Slash Motorcycle Boot you get the opportunity to wear the “Harley look” without the “Harley price”.

Many reviewers say: It’s an overall good buy.  Comfortable right out of the box. Definitely  comes highly-recommended.

Purchase the Harley Davidson Men’s Slash Motorcycle boot  here.