How To Buy Top Rated Gps For Your Motorcycle

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The first question of would- be buyers is “ What is the top rated Gps unit for my motorcycle?” Well, that depends on your personal preference and budget. Whatever model or brand you choose, it is the person who inputs the data that provides the accuracy.

The latest generation of top rated gps units are almost weather-proof and are considered mini-computers that can be mounted on the handlebar or the bike’s in-dash system. Top rated gps can give you directions to every nooks and crannies of whatever country you are in. It can help you find hotels, restaurants,gas stations and even record and share favorite rides with a community of like-minded people. Gps is an invaluable tool. If you have a rigid schedule to keep and have to be somewhere at a designated time, just set the gps unit to find your destination and leave that setting all day. The gps will let you know how long it will take to finish your ride.

Top rated gps devices are now more user-freindly and the standard features are internal rechargeable batteries and pre-loaded map database. Extra features include updates of real time traffic,weather etc. at additional cost if you subscribe.

Like any other technological gadgets Gps is not foolproof and there can be a learning curve. Mountains,gravel roads, tall buildings can distort satellite signals and batteries can drain. So beware if you are trekking on little country roads. Don’t follow your gps blindly and take a map and compass along as a back-up. You also have to take note that there are new roads that come online and old streets that are closed everyday. Gps are not updated daily so it is not absolutely accurate.

Gps is only as good as the person who loads and the accuracy of the maps loaded into it. And for riders who wants to ride in the rain naturally,will want a gps device that is waterproof, that can be submerged at least one meter underwater for approximately thirty minutes.

Your personal preference will really dictate your decision in buying a top rated gps unit. And another thing Gps units dont always provide the fastest quickest route to your destination, so give yourself extra minutes to hours of additional travel time.

Here are mind blowing features that the latest breed of top rated gps devices offer ( prices notwithstanding) :

-the chipset allows the gps unit to tap into as many as twenty satellites at once. That will result in the most efficient route and quickest directions to your destination.

-receives Xm and Fm radio signals and updates on weather and traffic.

-screen with two views, which display on screen compass, showing speed, display altitude, mileage, distance covered and arrival time.

-extra storage from 512 Mb to upwards, for added track logs and preloaded maps of up to six million preprogrammed points of interests, when you need to find gas stations,airports,hospitals,school zones,banks,hotels and restaurants.

-high resolution color touch screen that is visibly crisp even in broad daylight and is backlit for night use.

-hitting menu icons is a cinch even if you wear thick riding gloves.

-you can input addresses,cities,intersections,latitude and longitude.

-turn by turn instructions (voice or text) which gives you immediate warning of upcoming turns.

-electric compass and altimeter function

-usb port

-battery power that can last up to twenty hours or rig the included 12 volt power cord to the bike battery directly.

-screen with automatic zoom ins of complicated intersections.

-bluetooth technology for wireless integration .

-mounting system that makes it easy for you to transfer the gps between your car, boat and motorcycle

-built-in mp3 players and picture viewer.

-large menu of adjustable capabilities and a host of possibilities for customization

Long haul travellers whether by boat,airplane,car,motorcylce or by foot, swear by the functionality of the gps navigational system. Top rated gps devices have become the ultimate electronic gadgetry for any kind of travelers who wants to embark on a journey with a particular destination and schedule in mind. They would argue that no single item of technology has given road trekkers as much benefits as top rated gps units do. Gone are the days of aimless and meandering road trips.

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How To Maintain Your Harley Tires

180/55ZR-18 (74W) Dunlop D207 ZR Rear Motorcycle Tire Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCA V-Rod VRSCR V-Rod, Basic VRSCB V-Rod, Night Rod VRSCD V-Rod, Street Rod VRSCRWelcome to Harley Davidson Accessories Guide.

When motorcycle design got more sophisticated and specialized like there are street bikes, touring bikes, sports bikes etc. tire technology followed. Motorcycle tires were specifically manufactured to handle high speeds and great cornering traction as in racing bikes. Touring bike’s tires however were made to handle heavy loads in long distances and cruiser bikes for their aesthetics like the pretty 180 mm wide rear tires.

There are various tire manufacturers that make tires for Harley Davidson Motor Company like Michelin, Dunlop, Bridgestone and Pirelli. These companies make Harley tires that offers superior grip in dry as well as wet weather riding conditions. These motorcycle tires can be mounted on various Harley Davidson motorcycles like the Dyna and Sporster models.

To improve gas mileage and effectiveness of stopping, accelerating and braking a rider must check his harley tires consistently. Two major aspects of motorcycle maintenance are the brake fluid and tires. Harley tires won’t take much to serve the motorcyclist really. Just keep them properly inflated and frequently check your Harley tires for visible damage like sidewall puncture or slashes and tread separations. These are characteristics of damaged tires and they should be replaced. Riding on damaged tires is dangerous. You wouldn’t want to be caught in the middle of traffic with a blown out tire. Your motorcycle gets unstable and steering difficult. Just getting to the shoulder can be quite a challenge. And if you are in a corner things could get horrible.

Harley tires are build (especially in today’s technology) for toughness but tires are confronted with various road hazards like potholes,gravel,nails etc. You can’t completely steer clear from these threats but you can always check to see if there are any inflicted obvious damage to your harley tires. So it is the first and important motorcyclist’s assignment, to inspect them every morning when your harley tires are stone cold.

Using an accurate tire gauge, you can check pressures. If you are not sure of the recommended pressure, check your owner’s manual or the VIN plate. Increase pressure by 10 percent for better traction in wet conditions or increase it to the upper limit if you load a lot of cargo on the bike. Putting loads of cargo on the motorcycle and riding it on under inflated tires can cause the tires to heat up rapidly and will have the tendency to come apart. Under-inflated tires mean decrease stability,limits traction and susceptible to dangerous failure.

A tire pressure gauge. a spare inner tube (in case one of your tires goes flat on a trip), tread depth gauge to check the wear of your tires and tire repair kit or tire patch kit for tubeless and tube-type tires and tire irons, mini CO2 cartridges and a compression actuated pump are all must-haves for every avid motorcyclist.

Also check if the rims are cracked or dented. Make sure you have enough tread (use a tread depth gauge) in the middle and on the sides of the tires. Be wary if you see any bald or worn patches. You can still ride though a reliable tire repair kit might come in handy.

To clean the Harley tires, manufacturers recommend to use only soap and water to keep rubber shiny. Protectants sold in the market may only promote cracking and deterioration before the tire’s time. Wipe off any gas, lube or brake fluid immediately.

Do not ever mix and match tires of different kinds like tube-type tires vs. tubeless tires or bias-ply vs.radials, the result could be catastrophic. Manufacturers even suggest that you replaced both tires at the same time even if they wear differently.

Call your tire manufacturer’s toll free numbers, to be sure which tire to use on your bike, what tire is compatible with that aftermarket wheel, which tire models will mate with other brands. They would be happy to get your call and answer your inquiries.

Motorcyclists dont even realize that their bike’s single connection to the unforgiving asphalt is that shiny rubber encircling the wheel. They dont know how crucial the relationship of their motorcycle with the tire really is. When it comes to you harley tires what you don’t know can definitely hurt you. So check your harley tires always.

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Why Wear Electric Clothing?

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When the old man winter blows in, it signals the end of the motorcycle riding season. Especially those of you residing in the icy,snowy climate like Alaska, Northern Rockies or Minnesota. Otherwise you can extend your riding season for two months. You can ride earlier in Spring or later in fall. With knowledge and proper riding gear, it;s feasible to ride in the cold.

You can cover yourself with multiple layers of clothing, but still feel cold while riding your motorcycle. The solution? Electric clothing. Probably the best invention in modern motorcycling. Electric clothing that runs on 12 volts just be connecting to the bike’s electrical system can make your two-wheeled ride into a moving rapture.

The primary reason for wearing electric clothing is to avoid hypothermia. This usually happens when you body temperature drops down the normal level. Ot may be happening to you and yet may not be aware of it. When the coldness gets to you hands and feet, then to your vital organs like the brain. The results are: your reflexes will slow down and your judgment skews. You can;t handle the controls well if you don’t feel your hands and feet. This is a dangerous combination especially if you are riding.

Also, the moving chilly air could surprisingly suck away all your body’s warmth faster than you may have realize. When you core temperature reaches 90 degrees, you will pass out.

There are various factors that affect how cold we get on a bike like windshield. your body fat content and the food that you have eaten just prior to riding. But there’s nothing like the biggest impact of wearing electric clothing.

The electric vest is the biggest seller when it comes to electric clothing. Once your body warms when you wear the electric vest, the warmth or heat extends to the extremities.

Another seller is the jacket liner. Riders have decided that you need warmth in the arms just as well as other parts in the body.

Some mistaken notion about wearing electric clothing during winter is electrocution. People are afraid, they will be electrocuted when wearing one. First of all heated garments are waterproof and they run on 12 volt current only. The worst that could happen is that you feel a mild zing when riding through a small lake or body of water. Another thing, electric clothing don’t take up much amperage even if your sporting a full suit complete with accessories(lights and audio). Newer motorcycles have huge alternator outputs. Some run 500 to 700 watts. If you are worried about how much you and your passenger’s electric clothing amperage drawing, buy an inexpensive voltmeter to control your alternator’s condition.

Electric clothing manufacturers like Aerostitch, Gerbing and Widder produce a wide variety of heated clothing that you can mix and match and can be readily integrated because there is no standard connector.

Electric vests,chaps,jacket liners,gloves,heated grips,electric socks etc. have been redesigned and improved as time and technology have warranted. There are reversible electric vest.fleece on the inside and nylon on the outside. It will enable you to use it, in a variety of temperature. Riders appreciate the reversible electric vest for its versatility. Heated collars and heated pockets also offered gratifying relief of cold. Makes you feel toasty on the coldest of days and nights.

The bottom line here is electric clothing makes you feel comfortable and enables you to enjoy your ride better. It keeps you safer from hypothermia.

The choices that you make when buying electric clothing all come down to function,comfort, style and you budget.

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Motorcycle Rainsuit Buying Guide

Tourmaster Elite Series II 1 Piece Mens Motorcycle Rainsuit Black XXL 2XL
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A functional motorcycle rainsuit should be in every motorcyclist’s wardrobe. Yeth the motorcycle rainsuit os the last thing we buy as an accessory to the more prominent biker’s must-haves. Thinking....”I will just grab cheap motorcycle rainsuit off the racks at seven-eleven”....or “This stuff will get me to the office....and “this me will allow me to be visible on late night drizzle”.

Today there are dizzying selection of motorcycle rainsuits to choose from. The latest generation of raingear has become more effective,comfortable and compact than ever. What was once a $500 purchase, you can now plunk down $200-$300 motorcycle rainsuit of the same quality. Motorcycle rainsuits are now made with various protective and waterproof and durable materials like polyurethane coated vinyl (PU),polyvinyl chloride(PVC),breathable fabrics like Goretex and newer,lighter microdenier fabrics

The main idea is that motorcycle rainsuit should have microscopic pores that are large enough to release moisture vapor yet too small to let water molecules to get in. This will allow sweat to escape the garment for comfort in wet condition, but at the same time will keep you dry. Say goodbye tot he first generation motorcycle rainsuits that kept you dry but sadly drench you in perspiration.

The choice is up to you really, whether you want to buy motorcycle rainsuit on a friendly-budget price but comes with substandard features like huge opening vents at the shoulder blades that obviously invites water in. Motorcycle rainsuit with fragile shell that will tear through constant wearing and hard to get into, that will require you to huff and puff and usually you are already soaked when you have the motorcycle rainsuit on.

If you are the kind of road warrior who wants to invest on motorcycle rainsuit with a lot of forethought and with the intention to be free from the forecast, like the high-end,very much favored Harley Davidson rainsuit that are laden with well-thought out features, with bells and whistles galore and reflectivity to stop a train. Harley Davidson raingear offers raingaiter lug sole that encompasses your boots to keep the rainout with slip-resistant soles.

There are many other feature that top of the line motorcycle rainsuits offer that are not available in other mid-range to low-end ones. The creme de la creme of motorcycle rainsuits offer, starting with the cut. the neckline is taller in the back to snuggle up to your helmet. the jacket is a wee bit longer in back than in front, so you can tuck it under your butt to keep out side-sprays directly coming from your windscreen. the jacket collar is lined with soft corduroy for added comfort or a wide stand up collar with a fold-back tab.

Hoods are stowable. There is also non-skid bum patches to prevent you from slipping on your motorcycle seat. The seams are heat-sealed. the inner jacket lining is made of mesh to assist in air-circulation and easier to slip on.

The waist belt system has cinch that allows ample adjustment for added multiple layers of clothing. Also features a three-way gusset system that seals the main entry. Outer pockets have double flaps. Hook and loop closure system that secure all entry points. An adjustable crotch strap,heat resistant leg panels and stirrup to help avoid melting the suit tot he exhaust. Scotchlite strips on the back that lights you up almost in zero-visibility situations. Hand warmer pockets. Easily packable (both jacket and pants) when you are safe from the rain. And of course the unmistakable logos as in bar and shield logo for Harley Davidson.

In a nutshell here are major points to look for in buying a motorcycle rainsuit:

-two-piece rainsuits (jacket and pants) easy to get into.No more hopping and rolling the side of a busy road.

-packability, easily stored away when not in use


-a little bigger than your actual size to accommodate additional layers of clothing

-wide foot entry

Although these motorcycle rainsuits probably won’t do you much in the event of a tsunami. The bottomline here in acquiring a motorcycle rainsuit is that it must be durable,dependable and comfortable. That’s why if you have two-wheeled passion, experiencing nature first hand is inevitable. A motorcycle rainsuit should be a staple of any biker’s riding kit especially if you are the type who wants to ride, when you want to ride,where you want to ride.

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So You Want To Swap Your Stock Saddle For A Harley Davidson Seat?


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There is a mistaken notion when it comes to buying Harley Davidson seat or any other brands of motorcycle seat for that matter. We believe that if a motorcycle seat is soft then we think it is better. Well not so. In the show room we typically are drawn to the plushness of the luxurious soft motorcycle seat and hastily purchase it without checking twice if it’s really the right one for you.

If we want to swap our stock saddle for a Harley Davidson seat here are the qualities to look for:

1. Be wary of the soft motorcycle seat. Softer doesn’t always mean better. Even if initially the foam underneath the motorcycle seat is soft like a pillow, wait till you ride on it for longer trips. You will surely pain in your spine and butt and your legs will feel numb. because softer motorcycle seat will usually bottom out in the long run. You feel like you are just sitting on a metal plate(the seat beneath the foam) which is painful. It is because softer but cheaper foam has no resiliency and will collapse under pressure. Ideally, a motorcycle seat should have high-density foam in the middle and bottom parts and a thinner soft layer of foam closest to your butt and inner thighs.

2. Consider the rider’s personal specs. height,weight,inseam and posture will factor in your choice in buying a Harley Davidson seat. This is very important to the rider’s long range comfort. If the rider’s usual posture is slouching, it could mean the tailbone will get more pressure and expect lower back pain. If you sit upright, you are prone to upper spine aches. So the Harley Davidson seat you are thinking of buying must be positioned particularly the bucket should rise at the right angle.

3. The Harley Davidson seat must be wide enough especially for bigger riders and should redistribute your weight evenly on a larger surface. The rider should not feel cramped. Eliminating hot spots enhances long term comfort.

4.Consider the mounting and bracket system. Will it call for quick and sturdy installation of your motorcycle seat?

5. The touring crowd usually like to coax a passenger to travel with them. Make sure the passenger section is padded and roomy enough for the passenger’s comfort. The passenger shouldn’t complain of any slippage especially during braking.

6. Harley Davidson seat must absorb bumps superbly.

7. The cover of the motorcycle seat is important if you are the kind of person who is more into aesthetics.Leather is popular choice,appearance-wise but a bit expensive. Leather’s durability and breathe-ability are good qualities though leather is prone to water damage. Marine grade vinyl however can fetch a reasonable price compared to leather and at the same time mimics leather’s best qualities and moreover offers more water-resistance.

Mixing visual appeal,comfort and function is a bit hard when looking to buy or swap your stock saddle for a Harley Davidson seat. the qualities aforementioned above in looking to buy a motorcycle seat is surely a handy guide.

You have to remember though, that it takes an average of eight hours in order for the new Harley Davidson seat to break in for the materials to have good effects for the rider. Top companies that manufacture high end, top of the line motorcycle seats only want to design and build ergonomically shaped motorcycle seats available today.

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Buying Tips For Harley Davidson Motorcycle Cover

Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Motorcycle Covers w/ Lock & CableWelcome To Harley Davidson Accessories Guide.

Buying Harley Davidson motorcycle cover is one option if you don’t have a garage or at least a large living room to park your Harley bike. Another important reason for you to buy Harley Davidson motorcycle cover is to keep potential thieves from prying and hauling your scoots away into a waiting van. Harley Davidson motorcycle cover offers you the best bang for your security buck.

In the early days before the advent of plastic and polyurethane materials now commonly used for motorcycle covers, tarps were used to drape over the full-dresser or touring bike. Tarps were cheap but needs constant replacement.

You know as well as i do that Harley Davidson motorcycle cover or any other brands of motorcycle covers are not made equal. Either you want to buy a full-on heavy duty cover that is garage-like in size or you choose to buy lightweight motorcycle covers for traveling, so you can easily pack these motorcycle covers and put in handy bag and you are ready to go.

Harley Davidson motorcycle cover offers high end features and amenities like for example, the topside is coated with vinyl for water-proofness, presence of heat shields, so you won’t have to wait anymore for your Harley bike to cool down to put the motorcycle cover. Other features like its ultra violet rays protected to resist fading and cracking. It is ventilated and to prevent damage that condensation might cause the motorcycle cover has plastic-framed vent holes.

Another features Harley Davidson motorcycle cover or any other motorcycle cover brands are vent panels, a wheel wedge,s ewn-in windshield liner and of course it has to be moisture protected or water resistant for that “all weather” quality. By offering features like heat sealed and double stitched seams, soft lining,elastic hems,rust-proof grommets,bungee cords and storage pouch are also added features that you might want to look for when buying Harley Davidson motorcycle cover. And for that rust-inhibiting factor the motorcycle cover is applied with Zerust an anti-corrosion formulation that is odorless, non toxic and invisible.

To sum up, here are the qualities you should look for if you are in the market for motorcycle cover:

-must be UV protected
-must have non-scratching liner
-has rust inhibitors
-has elements to prevent condensation build up
-must have heat shields or heat resistant coating
-water resistant
-must come with a standard two year warranty

So whether you are looking to buy Harley Davidson motorcycle cover for your touring bike complete with saddlebags and windshield or just large enough to cover the front of your gas tank to the rear fender. There is a wide array of available sizes and styles that fits your needs. Not only a Harley Davidson motorcycle cover an anti- theft device it is also simply to keep pigeon poop and rainstorm at bay.

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Harley Davidson Saddlebags: A Must Have For The Cross Country Trekker

Harley Davidson saddlebags come in many forms-hard, the classic throw over saddlebag and soft saddlebag. For the motorcycle enthusiast who loves to go on an overnight jaunt, a day trip or a full blown cross country hiatus, the menu of motorcycle luggage and accessories are extremely diverse. There are so many options to choose from like tank bags, tail bags, fork bags, license plate bags, windshield bags, barrel bags, backrest bags aka sissy bar bags.

It used to be back in the days of yore we strapped sleeping bags on the rear fender of our bikes and hit the road. That was it. Today it is not quite so. You need various storage options for your helmet,cellphones,charger, clothes,shoes,books,motorcycle tool kit,first aid kit and your passenger's stuff. One nice thing about Harley Davidson saddlebags is you can pair them with other kinds of bahs like the roll off bags,piggyback bags,duffel bags etc.

You can have Harley Davidson saddlebags in plain black leather, simulated leather or synthetic material. You have the choice to decorate them with chrome studs, conchos, fringe,zinc-plated steel rivets,braided leather edges,locked stitch stress riveted seams and sequins. But what is more important than sleek and attractive appearance of the Harley Davidson saddlebags is that they are durable, heat resistant, dent resistant and UV rays protected.

The Harley Davidson saddlebags feature plastic molded stiffeners reinforcing the interiors (back,bottom and lid) for solid shape retention even when it's empty.

There are some saddlebags that are shaped in an odd way to better fit and hug to the bike's specific contour lines. They may look bigger outside but inside you are left with with nooks and crannies that are not particularly useful, after cramming your stuff in. You must have practical knowledge of your saddlebag's storage capacity.

Harley Davidson saddlebags are waterproofed. For all year-round rides and to fight against the weather elements, Harley Davidson saddlebags had watertight gasket seal that keeps harmful moisture from getting inside. It also features polypropylene liner treated with mildew inhibitors to keep Mother Nature from intruding. Visually, leather is appealing. But heavy grade nylon is the best choice ll weather protection.

For easy access, there is a thumb-push mechanism and the lid quickly opens. It also offers quick release buckle straps or a master key system which locks and unlocks the saddlebags and removes it from the luggage rack or whatever mounting systems your bike has. This is great, especially whenever you arrive at your destination, you just get in the key, unlock it and quick release your saddlebags and take it with you inside the motel or wherever. This is a solid and simple yet effective saddlebag security system that definitely discourages would be felons from making your valuables an easy score. You will have peace of mind that your stuff won't get lost or snatched along the way.

The Mounting System

Each bike has a particular luggage mounting system. Whether dedicated luggage rack or improvised (bungee net your stuff at the back end of your bike) it is comforting to know that there are myriad of choices. The mounting brackets that come with the saddlebags or sold separately are sometimes made of fiberglass. They are laser-cut for perfect fit and bolt alignment made specifically for your motorcycle. Mounting brackets are also powder-coated with rust and corrosion resistant finish. Make sure the mounting brackets kit comes with instructions for saddlebag installation as well as rear turn signal relocation kit and procedures.

To rig Harley Davidson saddlebags shouldn't have to be too difficult. Once the hardware is in place bolt the bags into the brackets. Though sometimes the mounting brackets can extend the bag's position adding obvious width. Familiarize yourself first with the extra girth before heading out in the traffic. It may not be favorable to lane-sharing.

Before shelling out cash, make sure to specify your bike's model and check application charts to confirm fitment for your model. Check out if there is a solid return policy if you want to buy Harley Davidson saddlebags online.

For better aerodynamics, remember to load your heaviest stuff at the bottom close to the bike and the lightest at the top. Heavy, unbalanced cargo can severely affect a motorcycle's center of gravity resulting in poor handling and worse, loss of control.

Make sure there is one or two inches clearance between your saddlebags and your exhaust system. You don't want your saddlebags ingested by the rear wheel or exposed directly to the pipe's heat.

If you are the kind of guy who really wants to rack up serious miles of motorcycle trekking you need to buy a set of Harley Davidson saddlebags. The company focuses on developing Harley Davidson saddlebags more tout superior durability, visually appealing appearance, the kind of rigid cargo carriers that can be installed with high quality fit and usable storage capacity.

harley davidson saddlebags

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Guide To Buying Harley Davidson Windshields

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Quick-Release Detachable Windshield - Standard 58063-04
Harley Davidson windshields and the aftermarket Harley Davidson replacement windshields are a thriving industry. Why? Because proper redirection of airflow is vital for the motorcycle rider's comfort and safety.

Choosing and buying the right Harley Davidson windshield or any motorcycle windshields for that matter is a personal and subjective matter. Plowing through the maze of assortment of plastic windscreens available in the market today is one main feat. Here are compiled universal guidelines in buying Harley Davidson windshield for your bike:

1. The height of the windshield should be at least two inches just below your chin when seated comfortably on your bike. You should be able to look over the windshield and see the road ahead of you without straining as well as look through the windshield easily when you want to.

2. The width of the Harley Davidson windshields should not be too narrow as to expose your hands, wrist and forearms to turbulent air thus makes you susceptible to wind fatigue.

3. Superb optics is a must. Look for any slight clues of distortion and scratches around the edges of the windshield.

4. Check to see if the set of mounting hardware that goes with the windshield does not include mis-sized screws and should come with mounting procedures or instructions. So you won't waste time discerning how to go about installing the harley davidson windshield.

5. Harley Davidson windshield installation as well as removal shouldn't be too complicated, so that it won't take you long to do the whole operation.

6.The length and width of the windshield could affect the handling of your motorcycle.

7. Do a road test with your newly installed Harley Davidson windshield at a certain speed. Notice any presence of turbulence or buffeting situation.

These are just a few general guideline if you are in the market for a new Harley Davidson windshield or if you are looking for aftermarket Harley Davidson replacement windshield. Of course, the rider's body dimensions, arm reach, the distance between the seat and the windscreen, riding position, riding style, the motorcycle's front end aerodynamics, the speed at which you travel, the bike's idiosyncrasies all conspire to create an effective windshield.

Go to your nearest Harley Davidson motorcycle dealer or to the bike's manufacturer website and ask for application charts or catalog. Browse the list of accessories that are available to your motorcycle's particular model and year. You will get an idea of what is available. If you want to buy Harley Davidson windshield online, make sure there is a solid return policy.

In a nutshell, we need a Harley Davidson windshield or any brand of motorcycle windshields to provide a barrier between the rider and errant bugs, discarded cigarette butts or any flying debris and bad air, so we can ride safely and comfortably. We should see to it that we redirect airflow and wind blasts, not on our sides, not directly on our helmets but above it. There should be a pocket of still air which translates to riding in comfort for the rider and his passenger. Installing a Harley Davidson windshield should do just that.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Models and Corresponding Windshields:

Whether you are looking to buy new Harley Davidson windshield or aftermarket Harley Davidson replacement windshield for your stock unit, it is interesting to note that there are every conceivable windshields for various Harley bike models such as motorcycle windshields for Harley Davidson Sportster. The Sportster have been around for a long time since 1957. Many riders make the Harley Sportster an all- around bike and what a greater way to get a little break from the wind than adding a Harley Davidson sportster windshield.

If you want a good combination of style, function and good looks the Harley Davidson Street Glide is fast becoming a popular model of the Harley Davidson line-up. By affixing a new Harley Davidson Street Glide windshield for your bike you will never feel the effects of buffeting and surely you will enjoy your long hauls on weekends.

Love it or hate it. The Harley Davidson Road Glide is often dubbed the shark nose Harley. If you want to make an impact on the aesthetics side of your bike, simply add an easy-to-change Harley Davidson Road Glide windshield.

An enthusiast can make his beloved Fatboy or Softail transform from a nice-all-around cruiser to a stunning boulevard beauty in just a matter of minutes,by adding a quick release detachable Harley Davidson Fatboy windshield or Harley Davidson Heritage Softail windshield. They are even more fun and comfortable to ride if you install an excellent quality motorcycle windscreen.

While the Harley Davidson road kings are perfect as they freshly roll off from the dealer's, owners would customize their bikes according to their tastes as a way of extending their personality. Owners do this by installing a new quick release detachable Harley Davidson Road King windshield or aftermarket Harley Davidson road king replacement windshield. They would ride"naked' and cruise the boulevard in style or ride at high speed in interstate highways. Best of both worlds!

How To Install Harley Davidson Windshield and Harley Davidson Windshield Removal Process

Ideally, installing a Harley Davidson windshield shouldn't take you more than thirty minutes. The mounting hardware kit should come with mounting instructions. Although the requisite bracketry differ from windshield to windshield, some manufacturers offer quick release detachable windshields for the purpose of enabling you to interchange windshields from clear to tinted or to easily remove it and ride naked.

When mounting your Harley Davidson windshields or aftermarket Harley Davidson replacement windshields, see to it, you don't bind lighting or brake lines. Make sure the controls and mirrors should have plenty of space, so that you will be able to see any angle from the view point of your usual riding position. If the windshields' edges intrude , you are going to re-route cables differently or re-mount turn signals.

Test the windshield's fit before finally torquing down fasteners. This is to avoid making complicated changes later. Move the handlebars side to side to full lock to check if the windshield does not interfere with steering. Test ride and do it slow.
The Harley Davidson windshield should fit your bike seamlessly and Harley Davidson removal process of unscrewing the mounting bolts should be quick and painless.

How To Select The Right Harley Davidson Windshield Height

Harley Davidson windshields come in varying sizes and styles. Clear, tinted, smoked, gray, bronze and curved windshields. A complex question would be, what size should you buy? Well there are no hard and fast rules. Just good old trial and error to come up with the right windshield height configurations. But first consider your anatomy like height, torso length, seating position, arm reach etc.

If you consider riding in warm climate, you must want some airflow circulating above your helmet so you need a taller and wider winshield. Though it could turn into a steam bath during the peak of summer. A low top windshield should keep currents of air off your head. Just no air flowing directly at your head or upper lip. You may experience a situation called buffeting and i might add, wind fatigue.

The rule of thumb when selecting the right windshield height is to clear your line of vision as to comfortably see the road ahead over the windshield without straining and low enough as you can easily look through the windshield. If your windshield is too tall and you ride on rainy nights, there is a tendency that raindrops on the windshield will catch blinding lights and can turn your windshield into a translucent curtain obscuring,distorting and hindering your view of the road ahead. You are going to be in serious trouble if your windshield is too tall and making it into a deadly blindfold.

Another practical guide in selecting the right Harley Davidson windshield height for your bike is to cut a cardboard mock pattern of varying lengths and widths measurements. Have a friend put the cardboard at the front end of your motorcycle while you are astride your bike. Pretend its a real windshield and decide which is the right one.

If you have the extra budget you can go have your body dimension measured and have the manufacturer custom builds a windshield that matches your anatomy.

Maintenance and Upkeep For Your Harley Davidson Windshields

Maintaining your Harley Davidson windshield in tip top condition means that it is free from dust,particles and scratches. Clean it the same way you clean your face shields. Don't use paper towels that are easily accessible in gas stations, to wipe clean your windshield. Instead use soft cloth, preferably flannel. But before wiping it with soft cloth, flush the windshield with warm water and use a mild soap. Water rinse it until clean. Don't wipe it in horizontal or round motions as it encourages scratching, even though minor, could add up.

Your windshields should not be exposed to open cans of paint or lacquer especially in a tight or closed door environment. It will cause crazing of the windshields in a matter of days. Cover your Harley Davidson windshields with cloth to protect it from destructive fumes.

harley davidson windshields

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Motorcycle Riding Tips: What To Pack On A Cross Country Tour

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Motorcycle Riding Tips: What To Pack On A Cross Country Tour

One of the most exciting part of motorcycling is going on a cross-country tour, whether it be a weekend jaunt or a full-blown month long cruising hiatus.

There are lots of choices of which types of luggage to take with you on your bike such as saddlebags, tail bags, tank bags, fanny packs or even a glorified coat hanger we now call a sissy bar bag. Just make sure every space count when you start stuffing items on your saddle bag. Choose tools like the army knife which performs various chores, resealable plastic bags which you can store dirty clothes or use to dispose of any trash. Another example is a bandanna, which you can use as neck protection, bandage or face shield cleaner.

Another motorcycle riding tip is to remember that the motorcycle's handling and braking will change once you get all your stuff on board, not to mention you will be bringing along a passenger and her stuff as well. That will add more weight. Make sure the air pressure in your tires is the correct one. Always bring along a tire gauge. The suspension settings are stiffen to accommodate the extra load.

Before heading out on the road, practice in a vacant lot to get a feel of any noticeable difference in the handling of the motorcycle like losing a measure of your maximum acceleration and increasing your braking distance.

Buy quality bungee cords and bungee nets which you can tie and loop around your luggage. Strap it on your bike for security of not losing your bags along the way. Even if your motorcycle or saddlebags have fasteners and bag guards you need added security of keeping your luggage from sliding down into the rear wheel by strapping your entire luggage than it seems to require.

One of the most important thing you can't leave home without is your cellphone. Encode your in case of emergency (ICE) numbers and phone number of a bunch of people that are ready to help or rescue you if something goes awry with your touring trek. Of course, you don't want to be caught in the middle of nowhere with a dead cellphone. So make sure to bring a spare battery,charger and a mechanism wherein you can charge your cellphone from the bike.

Just one of the few motorcycle riding tips is to always place the heaviest stuff on the bottom of your saddlebag closest to the center of the bike as possible. Line your luggage with trash bags in case it rains. Bring synthetic type of clothes, Cotton is a big no no. Cotton absorbs sweat and dries slowly.

For camping equipment, a small two-men tent works just fine and self-inflatable mattress that blow itself up. In the morning you just open the valve, roll it up and you are good to go. Limit to one pot and eating utensils.

Bring along food, unless you have ridden the road before you can never be too sure when the next meal is coming up.

The trick here is to keep your load manageable. Pack for all imaginable kinds of conditions you are likely to encounter but keep the load as sparse as possible. I suggest you use a three bag system of various sizes. Bag one-for the rider's needs, Bag two- for motorcycle tools and Bag-three for clothes.

If you buy quality products you are done shopping for years. If you have problems arising during your odyssey, it's comforting to know that the solution is probably in the bag.

Bag One- Rider's Needs:

neoprene face mask

extra pair of gloves

rain suit

sunglasses or goggles


little bars of soap

small bottles of shampoo

razor/shaving creme

toilet paper


sunscreen/lip balm

spare face shields-clear and tinted


first aid kit

local/state maps


cellphone/charger.spare battery


weather-band radio

notebook and pen


hand cleaner wipes

wallet/money/credit cards

camera/battery/lots of memory cards

bottles of H2o



Bag Two- Motorcycle Tools:

crescent, Allen, torx wrenches


tie repair kits with inflator

pocket knife

led flashlight with clip for hands free illumination

jumper cable

duct tape nuts, bolts, screws

electrical wire

small container of oil

spare fuses, spark plugs

instrument bulb,taillight,headlight and turn-signal bulbs

motorcycle locks

bungee cords and net

spare AA battery


tire gauge

solution to clean face shields

tool roll or pouch for loose tools

Bag -Three Clothes:

Group smaller items into a small roll and put it into a mesh bag. Vertically, store separate bags so they are accessible. This includes your underwear. Plan wash stops.

Hope you get some ideas on what to pack if you are going cruising on your motorcycle, right here in the motorcycle riding tips category at Harley Davidson Accessories Guide.

Motorcycle Security Systems

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There are various motorcycle security systems in the current market as there are many ways thefts can steal your motorcycle. For starters, the crooks can chisel and use bolt cutters on your motorcycle chains. Some even use tools like torches and grinders. More serious criminals will lift your two-wheeler and load it into a waiting van and deal with the locks later at his own leisure. Others will get away with your motorcycle during a test ride and never some back.

You don't have to deal with anger,denial and all other mixed emotions that you will go through arising from a traumatic experience of having your bike stolen by protecting your ride. You really have no reason to leave your most prized possession at risk. You have to have a little foresight and more determination to out-step the bad guys.

There are several practical ways to decrease the odds of your machines being pilfered. Though no single motorcycle security system is totally foolproof but consider your peace of mind.

You are proud of your motorcycle. That's a fact. But don't park it in front of everybody attracting different kinds of attention and passing thieves can easily cozy up to it. If you don't have a garage , buy a motorcycle cover, lock your bike and cover it. Not knowing what is underneath the cover, makes it difficult to assess of stealing it.Metal grommets on a motorcycle cover can be locked in place to prevent the cover itself from being stolen and shoo away prying eyes.

You will need secondary locks. You can use a combination of locks like fork lock, steering lock, brake disc lock, u-locks,chains,lever locks on the clutch etc. The thieves would have no time nor the expertise to tackle different locks in one setting. Make sure the chains doesn't loop or drape on the ground for the thief to easily cut it with bolt cutter. The chain should be as tight as possible and pit the locks in hard-to-reach angle. The strong u-lock and chain use to attach your bike to a solid object like lamppost, fence or another vehicle preventing professional culprit s of lifting away your motorcycle into their truck.

If you have the extra cash and want to go high tech ,buy alarmed disc locks. Cutting chains, removing locks or even lifting your motorcycle cover can start the alarm and will make noise. get an alarm with pager that notifies you when someone tampers with it. You can't always be around the area where your bike is. So an alarm with a page is a good investment.

Don't park your motorcycle next to big truck or van. Choose carefully a spot to park where felons cannot intentionally block the view of your bike.

Fix a Datatag or Alpha Dot security marking system or use an ultra violet pen to mark you driver's license and other identification on body panels, frame. engines or seat. In case your motorcycle get stolen, you have better chance of getting your bike or parts back, if the police can identify them with you ID on the bike parts. This will also help convict the thief or the handler of stolen parts as well.

Take a picture of your bike, so that police will know what they are looking for. Have all important information such as Vin and license plate number and registration documents handy.

Of course, make sure your motorcycle and accessories have insurance coverage. Insurance will not keep your motorcycle from being stolen but the experience will not make it that traumatic.

You can choose either professionally installed motorcycle security system or the DIY kind.

There are lots of different locking system in the market, ranging from the top of the line to items you can scrounge at your local hardware store. Of course, the difference would mean the cost and the added benefit of decreased insurance premiums. You have a choice really, to stop thieves from rolling your motorcycle away and discourage street prowlers in search of an easy target by decreasing your motorcycle's theft potential by putting a kind of motorcycle security system on your bike.

motorcycle security systems

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Harley Davidson Leather Jacket:Buying Tips

Harley-Davidson® Men's Classic Cruiser Leather Jacket. Embroidered. 98140-10VM

After millions of years we still do what our ancestors did-cover and protect our skin with leather. A leather jacket is a biker's best friend. It does not only protect you from rain, cold, sand, gravel, minor abrasions( in case you crash) but it contributes to the overall looks and effect of a certain image you are trying to project.

A Harley Davidson leather jacket may be famous for giving the rider that bad boy image but the truth behind it is that it gives you ample protection and at the same time make the wearer feel luxurious. It is important to note that leather sizing is different from regular clothes sizing. If the leather jacket fit snugly the first time you wear it, it will stretch a little and mould to your body's shape overtime with constant wearing.

Harley Davidson leather jackets can be made of different types of leather like buffalo,cow,sheep,horse and kangaroo. Ideally, motorcycle leather jackets should be 1 to 1.5 millimeters thick. The thinner, softer and supple kind may look good and hug your curves but does not really have protective qualities unlike the heavy , thick kind.

Jacket length is important to consider if you are thinking of buying one. Short leather jackets maybe superior as far as aesthetics are concern but they have the tendency to slide up when you lean as you grab the handlebars. Leaving your back exposed and vulnerable to the elements.

If you are cultivating a king-sized gut, longer motorcycle leather jacket that reaches down your hips is more comfortable and keeps the breeze from blowing up your back in colder rides. The short motorcycle leather jacket is regarded as a weekend jacket and not many seasoned riders use it as a primary jacket.

Look for Harley Davidson leather jacket with sleeves that are pre-curved and tapered to mimic a riding position and long enough to cover your waist when your arms are stretch forward. The sleeves should fit snugly enough, so it won't buffet in the wind and can not pull up and expose your forearms. You will also want a little bit of adjust ability in the cuff area to accommodate watches or gloves or any additional layers of clothing when riding on chilly days.

You might want to stay away with leather jackets that have over sized zipper, fancy snaps or big buckles. they can come into constant contact with your bike more constantly and stretch your bike's paint.

So in a nutshell, buy a Harley Davidson leather jacket that not only feels comfortable, you look dashing in it,provides maximum protection and the kind that should increase your comfort level as you ride in different ranges of temperature.

Harley Davidson leather jackets

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Why Wear A Harley Davidson Full Face Helmet?

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Harley-Davidson FXRG Full Face Helmet 98217-05V MD
In the event of a crash consider your face being hit first. Wearing a Harley Davidson full face helmet makes you say, I'm glad i have that on. Many riders who winded up in long term care or permanently disabled from neck, facial or head injuries would have appreciated how valuable a helmet can be to prevent that kind of devastation.

The next most important accessory to buy after you have bought your Harley Davidson motorcycle is a Harley Davidson full face helmet. The process of finding the right helmet could be as daunting and challenging as buying your Harley bike. What with all the varying models and sizes that are available in today's motorcycle helmet market would make one dizzy with lots of choices.

Some riders prefer open-face helmets because for them it cools their faces especially riding during hot summer days. And more riders even say that there's no comfortable helmet out there. I'd say they are irresponsible if not uninitiated. They don't realize the risks involved in riding. Statistics show that riders who wear helmets during a crash save their lives and suffer less injuries than those didn't. Moreover, riders who wear Harley Davidson full face helmets have full coverage over their heads thus benefit from maximum protection because no area is left unprotected.

If you are the kind of rider who loves to go cross country cruising or someone who enjoys riding all year round , wearing Harley Davidson full face helmet is definitely the best option for you. You can adjust your lock down visor if you feel the winter wind is nipping. If your bike has windshield, the helmet will protect your face from buffeting winds. A Harley Davidson full face helmet also protects you from sunburns, rain, hail. sand, gravel and bugs.

Others insist that the full coverage helmet limits your peripheral vision and mutes the noise all around you. While a full face helmet muffles external sounds from the environment when riding, considerably that is a good thing. You want to hear the more important sounds that concern you like- engines and tires of approaching vehicles, police or ambulance sirens, voices of pedestrians or something may have fallen off from your bike. By wearing a Harley Davidson full face helmet you will have reduced wind roars and all around noise is muted off, enabling you to hear the more important sounds like the ones aforementioned. It will also keep you alert by reducing fatigued from the wind. And you will not damage your hearing capacity of the effects of wind noise and loud exhaust if you wear a Harley Davidson full face helmet.

Best of all you want superior comfort and maximum protection all the while looking your best and a Harley Davidson full face helmet offers just that.
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Harley Davidson Boots Buying Guide

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Any self-respecting motorcycle rider demand more than just stylish footwear. Research shows more than eighty percent of all motorcycling accident resulted in leg fractures. A good riding gear should be designed to shield and protect all twenty six fragile bones in your feet and what can serve this purpose better than wearing a pair of Harley Davidson boots.

Harley-Davidson Men's Brake Light Boot,Black,9 MHarley Davidson are world famous for their high quality boots.Harley Davidson are made of topnotch genuine leather and other industry leading materials. They not only carry the hallmark of style but ideally suited for rough and tough, extremely comfortable and can last a long time. Harley Davidson make boots that are equally at par with their legendary motorcycles.

When you are out riding your bike you are exposed to harsh sun, damp, rain and cold and so are your boots. You need to see to it that your pair is waterproofed. That's your basic concern in maintaining your riding boots. Keep them away from water. You wouldn't want your leather boots to wear out before its time would you? Just browse around online and you can see that there are Harley Davidson for every gender, age and size.

Professional and amateurs riders alike swear by Harley Davidson boots. You will know why once you try a pair on yourself.

Here are few but important details you must check before buying a pair of Harley Davidson boots:

1. The sole should be thick enough to reduce vibration of your bike's engine. Soles must be non-skid to prevent you from tipping over.

2. It must be waterproofed to make your pair last longer and keep your feet dry. That way you won't risk developing fungal infections on your feet especially you are fond of wearing water-absorbing cotton socks.

3. There should be armor over the ankle. Plastic padding to keep anklebones intact in case you fall over.

4.Motorcycle boots that have vents is an added feature. It should have heels that allow for easy reach to the brake and shift lever and comfortable positioning on foot pegs.

5. It should have extra shin protection. Knee-length boots come to mind.

6.Boots that have secure retention system, meaning it won't slip off in the event of a crash.

7. Must have toe sliders for easy entry and flexible internal heel and toe cups.

Overall the boots' design must improve your riding experience with comfort and rugged enough to protect your feet,legs and ankles from muffle burns and abrasions or other external assaults in case of a tumble-over. What else offers that combination of comfort and protection than a Pair of Harley Davidson boots.

Harley Davidson Men's Boots

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Buyings Tips For Harley Davidson Gloves

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A pair of motorcycle leather gloves should be the next best important accessory you must buy after the helmet. Every serious rider should have, not just a pair but a "wardrobe" of motorcycle gloves.

Harley davidson gloves are made of superior and top-notch materials. And they are made comfortable yet tough to resist abrasions,chemical spillages,wounds and cuts. Gloves made of deerskin and goatskin are supple and inside the gloves seams are sewn with durable thread material.

Open tipped or fingerless gloves are better than nothing if you venture out riding your bike. But opt for Harley Davidson gloves that cover fully your hands. In the event of a crash your first reaction would be to extend your arms and hands out if you get off the mount due to impact. And you will be glad you have protective layer under those outstretched fingers.

Harley davidson gloves have superior gripping system. It fits snugly yet confortably well. And you will be assured it stays on your mitts if a tumble occurs. Few added features are now available like air scoops or wind catching vents,plush lining, heated gloves for colder rides, abrasion pads, gloves that are pre-curved and those that have anti-allergy components so you won't have to deal with allergic reactions to your skin.

One factor of choosing your pair of gloves is the weather conditions of the place you live. If you live in a hot humid area, you may be tempted to go bare, open-tipped or fingerless gloves, but you can never be too sure in today's non-guaranteed-anything-can happen-world. Full fingered gloves protects your digits from blisters,blazing heat,flying debris all the while providing comfort.

That's why any self-respecting rider owns not just a pair but several pair of motorcycle gloves to go through different seasons throughout the year. A light pair with air scoops for summer, a heavy insulated pair for winter rides and for in between weather a middleweight Harley davidson gloves.
Harley Davidson Gloves

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Custom Harley Davidson Motorcycle-Extend Your Personality

Harley Davidson motorcycles can be customized in numerous and different ways using different parts. Of course, that can be done in such a way that reflects your inner impression and infuses your unique personality.

For instance, if you are the kind of person who feels the need for speed, you might modify the bike's engine for increased horsepower like updating ignitions, cams or carburetors.

Or if you are the type who just wants to just let it all hang out just cruising and taking long road trips but still wants to look good riding your Harley, you might want to add a black leather studded saddlebag and if you want to enhance sophistication, use chrome parts.

Varieties of accessories can be added to your Harley Davidson motorcycle are radios and GPS, grips, decorative gas caps,floorboards, Harley seats, mirrors, timer covers,windshield and windshield trim,exhaust system,sissy bar grips,backrest pad, fender trim etc.

Look at the pictures for sources of inspiration as to how to customize your Harley bike.

Customizing your bike creates more pride and excitement to the owner. Why? Because you will surely make heads turn, as you rumble down the street, knowing your bike looks distinctive from all the other Harleys in the world. There is no other like it.

It is indeed a work of art.

Things To Consider When Buying A Used Harley Davidson Motorcycle

To buy a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle is a whole story in itself. It doesn't come cheap. A better alternative is to buy a used Harley bike. But which used Harley Davidson motorcycle is the best? Whether you are thinking of buying a vintage used Harley or a recent model, the excitement is still the same. It's a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Owning one is like owning your own personal 142 foot rigger.

Before plunking down the cash, you have to realize that the cash investment is not the final monetary outlay. You have to have additional budget for the maintenance of the bike. Here are the things to keep in mind when buying a used Harley Davidson motorcycle.

1. Look for color, style, model and how old you would like your used Harley bike to be and match it with your budget that you can afford. The internet help save time than doing your legwork out in the "real" world.

2. Know the price structure of the current market value of used Harley Bikes. So that you will be able to determine if you are going to be getting the best possible deal. Investigate finance and insurance rates as well.

3. You should know if the parts are easily available, in case you might need to replace parts in your used Harley bike in the near future.

4. Check the overall condition of the used Harley bike:

-Look for visible signs of corrosive rust, dents ( bent rims, bent control rods, bent fork tubes), paint scratches, missing handlebar grips and damaged panels.

-Mileage-check it because it's the main basis of the price that is being offered. -Check oil and oil filter. If it smells burned, its a sure sign of engine problems. Look for any lines of oil and hydraulic leaks.

-Check the tire pressure with the aid of a tire gauge. look for cracks,cuts, signs of wear like only of fifty percent of tread is left of the tires.
-Inspect the headlights, taillights,blinkers,turning signals and brake lights if these are working in good condition. If not, there could be faulty battery connection.

-Check the gas gauge and speedometer are operating smoothly. Saves a lot of trouble than always guessing how much gas is left.

-Check for any missing teeth of the chain, gear and sprockets. There should correct tension so that the motion of the chain is smooth.

-Take the bike for a spin. Check if the engine starts without stuttering. Inspect if there is blue smoke from the exhaust pipes which is another sign that the engine is worn.

-Check if the bike runs steadily. If you keep revving up the engine...hmmm...look elsewhere.

-Try different speeds and check if there are unnecessary noises and vibrations and if the gears shift smoothly. You don't want to be always jerking around every time you shift gears. The clutch should feel solid not slips.

-Turn the handlebars throughout its full operating range to check if the steering mechanism is ok. And let go the handlebars for a second to inspect if the bike tracks straight and not wobbly.

-Check rear and front brakes and suspension.Check to see how well the brake pads grip, if not they are unevenly adjusted.

-Inspect the clutch,throttle and brake level are working smoothly. Also the grips of the handlebar.

-Lastly but certainly not the least, ask this does the bike feel for you? Are the mirrors correctly positioned as you are sitting on the bike? Are the handlebars situated at the correct distance from you? Feel how the bike rides,stops and so on.

Now you are ready to part with your hard-earned money but there are few more details to take care of: -Maintenance history. If there is a written documentation of mechanical check up, previous owners,verifying the VIN number - Other miscellaneous costs-state registration fee, license plate fee,title fee and insurance. If you are purchasing from a dealership, its already set up for you, if from a private seller, you have to go to a notary. -If there is no owner's manual, you can look online.Seo Tricks