Harley Davidson Saddlebags: A Must Have For The Cross Country Trekker

Harley Davidson saddlebags come in many forms-hard, the classic throw over saddlebag and soft saddlebag. For the motorcycle enthusiast who loves to go on an overnight jaunt, a day trip or a full blown cross country hiatus, the menu of motorcycle luggage and accessories are extremely diverse. There are so many options to choose from like tank bags, tail bags, fork bags, license plate bags, windshield bags, barrel bags, backrest bags aka sissy bar bags.

It used to be back in the days of yore we strapped sleeping bags on the rear fender of our bikes and hit the road. That was it. Today it is not quite so. You need various storage options for your helmet,cellphones,charger, clothes,shoes,books,motorcycle tool kit,first aid kit and your passenger's stuff. One nice thing about Harley Davidson saddlebags is you can pair them with other kinds of bahs like the roll off bags,piggyback bags,duffel bags etc.

You can have Harley Davidson saddlebags in plain black leather, simulated leather or synthetic material. You have the choice to decorate them with chrome studs, conchos, fringe,zinc-plated steel rivets,braided leather edges,locked stitch stress riveted seams and sequins. But what is more important than sleek and attractive appearance of the Harley Davidson saddlebags is that they are durable, heat resistant, dent resistant and UV rays protected.

The Harley Davidson saddlebags feature plastic molded stiffeners reinforcing the interiors (back,bottom and lid) for solid shape retention even when it's empty.

There are some saddlebags that are shaped in an odd way to better fit and hug to the bike's specific contour lines. They may look bigger outside but inside you are left with with nooks and crannies that are not particularly useful, after cramming your stuff in. You must have practical knowledge of your saddlebag's storage capacity.

Harley Davidson saddlebags are waterproofed. For all year-round rides and to fight against the weather elements, Harley Davidson saddlebags had watertight gasket seal that keeps harmful moisture from getting inside. It also features polypropylene liner treated with mildew inhibitors to keep Mother Nature from intruding. Visually, leather is appealing. But heavy grade nylon is the best choice ll weather protection.

For easy access, there is a thumb-push mechanism and the lid quickly opens. It also offers quick release buckle straps or a master key system which locks and unlocks the saddlebags and removes it from the luggage rack or whatever mounting systems your bike has. This is great, especially whenever you arrive at your destination, you just get in the key, unlock it and quick release your saddlebags and take it with you inside the motel or wherever. This is a solid and simple yet effective saddlebag security system that definitely discourages would be felons from making your valuables an easy score. You will have peace of mind that your stuff won't get lost or snatched along the way.

The Mounting System

Each bike has a particular luggage mounting system. Whether dedicated luggage rack or improvised (bungee net your stuff at the back end of your bike) it is comforting to know that there are myriad of choices. The mounting brackets that come with the saddlebags or sold separately are sometimes made of fiberglass. They are laser-cut for perfect fit and bolt alignment made specifically for your motorcycle. Mounting brackets are also powder-coated with rust and corrosion resistant finish. Make sure the mounting brackets kit comes with instructions for saddlebag installation as well as rear turn signal relocation kit and procedures.

To rig Harley Davidson saddlebags shouldn't have to be too difficult. Once the hardware is in place bolt the bags into the brackets. Though sometimes the mounting brackets can extend the bag's position adding obvious width. Familiarize yourself first with the extra girth before heading out in the traffic. It may not be favorable to lane-sharing.

Before shelling out cash, make sure to specify your bike's model and check application charts to confirm fitment for your model. Check out if there is a solid return policy if you want to buy Harley Davidson saddlebags online.

For better aerodynamics, remember to load your heaviest stuff at the bottom close to the bike and the lightest at the top. Heavy, unbalanced cargo can severely affect a motorcycle's center of gravity resulting in poor handling and worse, loss of control.

Make sure there is one or two inches clearance between your saddlebags and your exhaust system. You don't want your saddlebags ingested by the rear wheel or exposed directly to the pipe's heat.

If you are the kind of guy who really wants to rack up serious miles of motorcycle trekking you need to buy a set of Harley Davidson saddlebags. The company focuses on developing Harley Davidson saddlebags more tout superior durability, visually appealing appearance, the kind of rigid cargo carriers that can be installed with high quality fit and usable storage capacity.

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