What’s Hot And What’s Not About Harley Davidson 883

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 Your kind aunt left you an inheritance. Or you’ve work hard all year, hit those quotas and earned a big commission. Or you have been saving money under your mattress all these years and it grew to a pile. You want to give yourself a gift. You want to get on a gleaming lean machine  called a HarleyDavidson 883. But which year to buy? 

                                                      Pre 2004 Harley Sportster

If you opt to ride an older Sportser like pre-2004 models be ready for a more responsive, raw, more kick to it kind of ride. It’s got a heavy feel to ride.

On most pre 2004 Sportsters, a slight depreciation must have already happened. But there is a plus side to it---previous owners must have added some accessories on it already ,you don’t have to spend extra bucks just to trick out your Harley sportster with bling bling.

If you like the old-school feel get an older Harley Davidson Sportster.

                                                       2004  to more recent models.

The 2004 and up Harley Sportster steers better, their frame and swingarm are stiffer. They have superior brakes. It has slicker gearbox. And larger fuel tank. Lower seat. Bulkier rear wheel.  Revised fork geometry. Beefed up swingarm.

You feel more confident if you ride in curvy and twisty roads.

It is recommended that every Harley Davidson 883 should have a Stage 1 kit on it to make it breathe better.

More recent Harley sportsters models are easier to maintain. They don’t breakdown easily. It a tough, well built bike. It looks cooler too.

Harley Davidson 883 isn’t  a performance bike. You don’t have to ride it like a dirt bike. You certainly don’t have to  go crazily fast just so you can have fun on a Harley 883. Harleys are for take-it-easy kind of cruising. And just have  fun with riding.

                                         What’s hot about Harley Sportster 883 ?

Since the Harley Sportster 883 engines are air-cooled some people often thought that the bikes may overheat in the summer especially when idling. Well, that is not the case. If these motorcycles  are as bad as they are rumored to be the manufacturer would be out of business today. The Police Department throughout the United States wouldn’t be using Harley bikes. Our authorities are using them in places that are hot like in the Arizona desert or anywhere else.

You have to factor in the place and climate you are presently riding . Summer stop and go traffic is totally different in California compared to Seattle. Although it is a fact that air-cooled engines have more tendency to overheat as opposed to being liquid cooled. That is why in LA , there are certain laws to allow motorcycle to travel faster at10 mph than four wheeled transportations.

                                             And what makes it even hotter is….

The plus factor in owning a Harley Davidson 883 is the instant Hog membership. You will enjoy active social life with like-minded people. Every weekend there  are activities to engage in like rallies, barbecues etc.

Just go talk to your local dealer and check the schedule of activities.

 As luck would have it, there is an event near you. Be ready to mingle in a non-intimidating atmosphere. Share your experience. Tell stories.  Make new friends. Swap ideas. The yearly Sturgis and Daytona rallies are rites of passage as far as motorcycling is concerned. Many events raise money for charity and support great causes. Or you can plan rides with your gang like going:

---Riding coast to coast
---Riding the Pacific coast highway in California
---Riding the Continental U.S.
---Riding Route 66 from Chicago all the way to California

Indeed you will be aware and make connections to what’s going on in your area.

Aside from the patches you will get for being a member, you can have exclusive rights to access hard to get information, travel amenities and roadside assistance. That is just one bonus after bonus stacked in your favor. What’s not to like?

And I think there is nothing that is not hot about the Harley Sportster 883.

                  Experience the v-twin reality on your own stretch of highway.

 Your Harley dream is waiting for you to be built and ridden. You must make your vision a reality. You have to gain knowledge of the ins and outs of customizing and gearing up your bike. And see it come alive before you.

In the last half century millions of people have heard the calling. If you want to heed the call of freedom and bask in the warmth of friendship on the open road, whether a passenger or the one upfront, feel what it is like to throw your leg over a Harley Davidson 883, step on those pegs,  grab the throttle, hear the engines growl, change lanes and join the adventure.

Feel empowered.

 Feel the excitement.

Feel the pride.

 Go wherever your dreams may take you.

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How To Effortlessly Bling Out Your Harley Davidson 883

Customized Harley Sportster 883

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        One of the biggest thrills of riding and owning a Harley bike is customizing it to bring your own reflection of yourself to your bike. If you already owned a Harley Sportster 883 and  planning to customize it  to match your style and budget, I suggest, you go to different dealers, ask around, seek ideas. Or thumb through The HD catalogue and you will get plenty of ideas.

The sticker price of  a fresh out of the factory Harley Davidson 883  is just the first expense you are going to be making. Expect to shell out a few grand or more if you want to trick it out.

One helpful idea to keep in mind when you begin customizing your Harley Davidson 883 is to start with larger Harley Davidson accessories.  Focus on the vital few that will have the biggest impact on the bike aesthetic side like, wheels and tires. Custom paint and design will mirror your attitude and express your bike’s inner soul. Work your way all the way doing to subtle details that support your choices.

      Here are more ideas:

1.    Riding position-

---If you want to be closer to the cockpit or controls buy Reach solo seat.

----Accessorize with brassy or chromed highway pegs, mid controls, forward controls depending which fit you best.

----The way you stretch your arms ,wrists and hands depends which handlebars you feel comfortable the most-low rise, drag bars, mini-ape or full blown ape-hanger.

----Install lowering suspension kit if you are vertically challenged, so you can straddle the bike easily and be surefooted at stop lights and when parking.

---- Order reduced-diameter light- effort clutch and brake levers or hand grips.

2.    Purpose/Function-

----If your main activity is just daily commute to and from work you need sport windshields.

---If you have a thing for long motorcycle tours you need-ventilator datable windshields, saddlebags, tour packs, passenger seat and backrest, tool pouch  etc.

3.    Performance—

---If you want more grunt from your Harley Sportster 883 you can swap jugs and pistons or buy HD conversion kit and turn it into 1200.

----Upgrade mufflers, air cleaners and pipes.

----Trade your fuel tank with a larger one.

Be sure the pipes match performance upgrades to the intake & fuel management systems.

4.    Appearance---

--Put design and stickers such as skulls and flames even flags.

--- Chrome in all the right places.

---Tail lamp/Head lamp/air cleaner cover

---Big fat tires.

                  Upgrading is a never-ending process. It’s half the fun of riding.

 There is a complete cornocupia of Harley bolt-on accessories to make your motorcycles shimmer, slower and heavier.

   There is a culture as well as sub-culture  built around the recognizable brand. When you ride a Harley you get a feeling of liberation, a sense of well-being that will always be more persuasive than any logical reasoning.

But when you insert the key into the ignition and thumb push the starter…you hear the sweet rumbling hum and get hypnotized by the syncopated rhythms of an  increased torque,..it’s magical.

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Why You Should Ride A Harley Davidson 883 Today

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 Different strokes for different  folks. Everyone has different reason why they buy what they buy. Some people like the aesthetic side of the machine. Some go after the speed and power. Some guys simply want something that is American made, some to fit in with their peers.

   Others say Harley sportster are underpowered and overpriced. Weighty and unwieldy.Corners like a lumber truck.   But take note of the Sportster 883 fuel injection, and low maintenance or even none at all. You don’t have to tinker with a chain and set valves.

       Some people’s opinions about The Harley Davidson Sportser 883 Iron are diverse. Some think  the bikes have a cobbled-up look. It’s a form over function machine. Some thought  it a low-powered engine. The riding position is somewhat constricting especially if you are a big guy. The fork boots look old- school. Dual discs are absent in front. The overall ergonomics for the cockpit is awkward. Lack space for gear.

       Harley sportster883 are not meant to be ridden like a dirt bike. If you want to ride like your hair is on fire, then get something other than a Harley. If you like bopping around the boulevard, looking cool and turn heads around then by all means invest in A Harley no matter what model or year.

       You can expect your Harley bikes to last decades and retain its value, provided you also take good care of it. Do basic maintenance like change oil, filters and sparkplugs maybe. After  long winter storage you can easily start your bike on the first try. It will not leave you stranded on some far away back roads. You can sit on the saddle for hours enjoy the scenic route without getting a monkeybutt.

                         If you want smaller sized bikes and bit faster get metrics.

       Sportbikes are highly-stressed bikes compared to Harley engines . That is why they are prone to last longer. Let’s face it, even though Harley bikes (whatever model and year) don’t have that raw freight train power and speed like other Asian counterparts have and can be bought at a fraction of what Harleys actually cost……Harley Davidson motorbikes are the best looking and best sounding motorcycles amongst all.

       A Harley Sporster 883 is a great bike. Has a lot of power for it’s size. If you maintain it well or get it serviced routinely you keep the bike for years. Any bike is as good as any owner take care of it. You can run smoothly down the highway at 60mph…no…no..no 100 mph is pushing it to the limits. The Harley sportster can haul you wherever you want it to go.

       Harley bikes are definitely not ill handling, make all sorts of weird sounds coming from the engines. They certainly don’t  move like two-wheeled tractors that they need decent mufflers. Harley bikes are absolutely not for meth heads, affluent rednecks, aging baby boomers and wanna-pirates. These kinds of comments come from people who want a Harley but can’t afford one. They bravely bash Harley owners behind a computer monitor and show their guts thru the keyboards.

       The vibration issues and oil leakage came from old Harley bikes when AMF owned the company. The quality of the products at that particular time was just disappointing. But when Harley employees bought out the previous owners in the early 80”s they brought back the  glory days of  Harley and turn around everything including the quality of the bikes.

       These people have pride and wanted to make their motorcycles the  best ever. Every year they made improvements. Soon  vibration problems, oil leaking, bolt tightening and breakdown issues have become distant memories. Today Harley bikes have rubber mounted, air cooled, fuel injected engines making them more reliable and durable as ever. You will never experience your bike leaving  you at the side of the road.

                You can ride it all summer, store it all winter and start it all again next season.

       Forget about people telling you otherwise. They are just trying to scare you. They have been exposed to Harley hating propaganda.

       And one plus thing about the bikes is the Harley Parts. Many parts for a '37 Harley fit a '57. Many from a '57 fit a '69. What won't fit or HD no longer makes, some aftemarket does, maybe even improved.

       When you buy Harley Davidson Sportsters 883 you get two year warranty and gain instant brothers with your Hog membership.

       Sportsters are the biggest selling and longest running motorbike model.

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A Newbie? No More Confusion, Ride What You Want to Ride --A Harley Davidson 883

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        It is hard to choose from among a dizzying variety of motorcycles available in the market today. Although you have already done your browsing in various bike dealers and websites, I know you secretly want a ......


I don’t  blame you…..

        Harley Sporsters bike series is the biggest selling and long running model of all Harley Davidson motorcycles. Some people say Sportsters are the meat and potatoes of the Harley Motor Company. Statistics proved that out of ten Harley motorcycles sold, three are Harley Sportsters. And seventy percent  are sold to first time Hd buyers

         The Harley Davidson 883 is basically a good bike to own. It is not so heavy compared with the bigger v-twins. It handles and steers quickly and nimbly. If you want you can add jugs and piston and make it into 1200 giving your sportster 883 more horsepower approximately 12 to 15. Thus creating more torque power than a stock Sportster 1200.

          Buy VH pipes and air cleaner. Also intstall HD  Screaming eagle super tuner which allows future upgrades without additional shelling out of cash. Also just tuning it will make the bike performed optimally. And one other benefit of  the converted Harley Sportster 883 into 1200 is that, it is faster and has more power than a stock Harley Sportster 1200. And it costs a littler cheaper than a Spotrster 1200 fresh out of the box.

       Harley bike technology have made giant leaps in speed, power and performance since 2004.

       Most folks would suggest to buy  250 cc class cruisers of the metric kind as beginner’s bikes as opposed to Sportsters 883. But really Sportsters 883 make good starter bikes. It is manageable. And it can run to about 70 mph steady in the freeway. Just browse in your local HD Dealers and sit on a few or even rent one for a day or two just to check if it is really the ride you want. See to it if the riding position is comfortable. If it feels too constricting you can always customize by adding or adjusting forward controls and handlebars.

       Even though metric bikes  are as powerful as Harley Bikes or even faster , they don’t have that stylish looks, the sound (they have patent on it) and the feel of the Harley brand.   The enormous inventory of the aftermarket parts and accessories make the Harley company just perfectly suited for cruisers who wants to customize their lean machines. It is also a part of the Harley experience to thumb through the HD accessory catalogue.

      Unlike the Japanese counterparts, their accessories and aftermarket parts are limited. Some even say after  a few hundred miles and years on these plastic horses, they are sent out to pasture called the Junkyard.

       Harley Davidson sportsters 883 are good starter bikes.  The bikes are easier to maintain. Maybe just a few oil changes here and there. The newer Harley sportster 883 are more reliable than ever. Especially if you buy  the model year 2007 and up. Mods require programming of the ECM. That is why some prefer the carburetor.

       Sportsters 883 may not be as fast as other metric imports but they have stylish looks, unqiue sound and feel of an extraordinary bike. The bike is easy to handle, easy to steer especially in cornering.

      If you  like to ride but have physical limitations like  chronic joint pains  particularly in the wrists where you make heavy clutches and throttles which makes it a pain to handle for a certain duration, the sportster 883 is quite a revelation because the clutches and brake levers are soft and light.

      And some say, they come with a high price tag as well as their aftermarket accessories. Well duh, as if their  Asian counterparts aren’t.


 Overall Harley  Davidson  883 is a great bike.

A bad-ass bike.

        Don’t let anyone deprived you of your wishes to ride one and discourage you that it is a girls bike, they handle stiff, makes weird sound. That’s not true at all.  All things mechanical breaks down once in awhile just like tractors, cars etc. Some people take their sporties to and from work everyday and has ridden over 100,000 miles on it but all they do is change oil every 2,500 miles.

          The Harley Sportster 883 is  the cheapest, least powerful, lightest ,smallest one of the HD family. That is  maybe the reason why some call it a chick’s bike but we do see women ride bigger Harleys like softails, dynas etc. Sportster 883 is a Harley alright. Although some likes to pick on the smallest-the underdog. Still it’s a Harley-American made.

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The Reason Why Harley Davidson Motorcycles Still Reign Supreme In The Motorcycle World

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      Loyal customers bought Harley products( aside from the quality)  mainly because of what it represents…..The Harley lifestyle…Riding the big twins means riding the American icon…The legend.

On the other hand…haters think it’s….

 A myth….

A tall tale….

It’s all a….


Almost all compliments Harley bikers get are from non-riders.

 Who have absolutely zero knowledge about motorcycles.

        Harley bashers make rude comments like, they rather not get behind a group of Hog riders because they are worse than following a Winnebago in twisty roads. They say Harley riders are gullible and pay way too much money just so they could be a part of a cheesy subculture and play weekend gay-pirates.

       They say Harley owners just want to jump the bandwagon. All that hard candy, metal flake paint and shimmering chrome but the engines put out puny little hp. Poor power to weight ratio. No ground clearance. All these in exchange for rebel-without- a- clue looks when idle?  Harsh isn’t it?

       These nameless chaps who talk thrash about Harley bikers are fearless behind a computer monitor.

       The Harley company caters to a special clientele. There is a culture or even a subculture existed because of it. And here is the ultimate reason why Harley bikes rules.

                                      Because they have survived the test of times.

There are still Harley bikes made in the fifties that are still road worthy today. In a museum located in Sturgis, there is one Harley motorcycle there with 1 million miles on it. A politician regularly rides from Madison to Washington D.C. and has 500,000 miles on his Harley bike.

Now compare that to any Japanese bike…..do you see 35 to 50 year old Japanese bikes roaming the city from wherever you are?

 I don’t think so.

 Most have gone to a place called junkyard.  It’s like tossing  your  cheap and oh so disposable Bic ballpoint pen.

                                               Time is a real test of quality.

       Another plus factor why you should belong to the Harley family is….

       Once you get into the HD family you will instantly gain  friendship and camaraderie among Hog riders. And it will surely  be  an amazing experience.  You are going to be having an absolute blast if you ride to Sturgis. I’m sure you wouldn’t trade those for anything. You try that with any other brand motorcycles. You won’t see riders hanging for beers, concerts and  engaging in  a  special bond with like-minded riders. All for the passion of the American iron.

       Harley company produced limited number on bike models which is good for its bikes to retain its value.  Just like in 2007 they only produce 2,000 bikes as their golden anniversary issue of the Harley Sportsters. It makes them even rarer and more collectible. A Harley bike made over 10 or 20 years ago is still road worthy and sellable. Compare that to any Japanese-made bike of the same vintage.

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Harley Sportster 1200 and Harley Sportster 883 For Dummies


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          If you like to ride your motorcycle on road trips of about 2,000 miles or so, and wondering which would be perfect Harley Davidson 883 or 1200? You have to take into consideration your riding comfort level not to mention your budget.

        The best thing to do is go to a local dealer have a demo ride, sit on both bikes and check which one is comfortable to you. I think that is the best gauge. If you feel any aches and discomfort during the ride and on one of the bikes well, you already know what is not the right bike for you. If horsepower is what you are worried about, there are modifications you can do.

                       More grunt and increased torque for your Harley Davidson 1200

            The Harley Sportster 1200  does not have bulky frame. If you are  a pack rat then you will have size and storage issues. Sure you can put stuff on saddlebags but you can only pack so much though. Also you have to wait awhile to break in your bike before embarking on a long motorcycle tour. If something goes wrong your dealer will take care of it.

         For cross-country motorcycle sabbatical the Harley Sporster 1200 is way better than the Harley 883. Bigger has more advantage than small. More tree-pulling power means less wear and tear for your bike and the rider. Some riders think that 1200 is better for pillion riding. You need floorboards, hard saddlebags, 17-litre fuel holder, windscreen and a fairing to  evolve your Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 into a light touring bike.

         The 883 and 1200 have similar suspension , seating and they have the same frame, displacement is I think the only difference. Although you can always take the Sportster 883 or 1200 for long trips in comfort and style. You just need tall gearing if you want to go a sustained 60 -67 mph on the freeway. Tall gearing is a good set up to minimize vibration.

harley sportster
                        Have fun hopping within the cityscapes on a  Sportster 883.

         And Harley Sportster 883 is perfect for riding solo. Sportster 883 is built for shorter trips,  or they won’t call it a nice little barhopper isn’t it?

        If you really like going on a long bike hiatus get one of the dynas ,fatboys or roadkings. Opt for a bigger bike. It would be far superior than the 883 or 1200. If you like taking longer trips, it is better to wait awhile, save your money to buy bigger v-twin engines like a Softail. It will be more comfortable in the long haul.

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Pros and Cons Of Buying A Used Harley Davidson 883

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The best year to buy a used Harley Davidson  883 is 2007 and up. That is the year they applied electronic sequential port  fuel injection.  It means at highway speed you can go 100 miles approx between refueling.

 If you want you can replace the 2 gallon tank with K tank or presently there are large custom easy change tanks kits available if you want  a bigger fuel holder. Sportster 883 bikes manufactured during that year started being more advanced and reliable, providing smoother rides which is the result when Harley engineers began rubber mounting the engines and isolated them from the chassis.  There is no more of the vibration problems of old technology.

       A lot of people debate about what to buy, a new or used Harley Davidson Sporster? Here are the pros and cons:

Pros of buying a Used Harley Davidson Sporster:

       - You scan thru any newspaper or craigslist, you will see a ton of used Harley bikes. You absolutely have plenty of options to choose from.

       -It’s  cheaper compared to buying new ones. Although Harley bikes don’t depreciate as much compared to other brands, but they still do ….a little.

       -The bikes have been pretty much pimped out already, like exhaust upgrades, so no need to buy aftermarket parts.

       --In some areas, you don’t have to pay purchase tax when you buy from a private individual. This alone can save you a grand.

       --Buy it used like Harley police-fire dept. bikes, not as expensive but they already are Advanced Braking System (ABS) installed way before civilians did. Especially if ABS is really that important to you.

       If you are mechanically inclined like when handling wrenches for example, then you shouldn’t have a problem distinguishing between the good used bikes from the harshly treated used ones.

The cons:

       -There is no standard two year warranty of unlimited mileage. You better have deeper pockets when things go awry.

       -You don’t want someone else’s problems.

       -If you buy new and want to deck it out, you have to start from the ground and prepare to spend extra large ones for aftermarket parts like seats, exhausts, etc.

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Practical Ideas On How To Convert Your Harley Sportster Into A Light Touring Bike

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        Back in the days, it used to be just standard bikes.

        No cruisers.

       Nor tourers.

       If you want to take your standard bike on a tour just fasten  your gear using a bungee to the bike and off you go.

       Harley Davidson  883 is not sold as a touring bike. But you can improvise, install new rear shocks, forward controls, passenger seats, add windshields, dress it with saddlebags. Chromed it out, put your sports rack and tie your tent and other camping equipments in it. Invite ladies for  a quick weekend jaunt across the next city.

                                     Enjoy long motorcycle tours without spending
                                               much on your pseudo-big twins.

       You can turn your Harley Davidson 883 into a light touring bike.  You can even make it look like a softail. Just whack on Sundowner seat, highway pegs, sissy bar,  Vance and Hines pipes, detachable windshields, passenger backrest, luggage rack etc. Put your clothes into the rack and whatever camping equipment you want to bring.

       One thing you don’t have to worry about customizing your motorcycle is that, there are plenty of stocks in the HD catalogue. There are numerous aftermarket dealers compared to metric cruiser’s.

One thing though, is to leave the gas tank alone. If you find 3.3 gallons of fuel holder too small, just think….you need to stop every hour or so anyway to stretch, relax and or to refill. You must get at least 120 miles out of a full tank of gas especially if you embark on a long tour not just a weekend ride. And stop every 100 miles anyhow.

                                     Harley Davidson 883 is pretty much all you need.

       Those who have personally done longer than 3,000 miles on a Sportster 883 said it was actually comfortable just like riding on a Fatboy or a Dyna wide glide. Harley sportster 883 has lower sticker price out of the box than Sportster 1200. Lesser chrome but more power. If you want more grunt on your Sportster 883, you can always bore it out to 1200 for a few hundred dollars.  It will  even go faster than stock 1200.

       You need a detachable windscreen and comfy seat to avoid fatigue to enjoy long trips on a motorcycle.

        Harley Sportster 883 handles well in the rain. It is easy to steer in tight turns. You can go cross-country in comfort and style.

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