Motorcycle Rainsuit Buying Guide

Tourmaster Elite Series II 1 Piece Mens Motorcycle Rainsuit Black XXL 2XL
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A functional motorcycle rainsuit should be in every motorcyclist’s wardrobe. Yeth the motorcycle rainsuit os the last thing we buy as an accessory to the more prominent biker’s must-haves. Thinking....”I will just grab cheap motorcycle rainsuit off the racks at seven-eleven”....or “This stuff will get me to the office....and “this me will allow me to be visible on late night drizzle”.

Today there are dizzying selection of motorcycle rainsuits to choose from. The latest generation of raingear has become more effective,comfortable and compact than ever. What was once a $500 purchase, you can now plunk down $200-$300 motorcycle rainsuit of the same quality. Motorcycle rainsuits are now made with various protective and waterproof and durable materials like polyurethane coated vinyl (PU),polyvinyl chloride(PVC),breathable fabrics like Goretex and newer,lighter microdenier fabrics

The main idea is that motorcycle rainsuit should have microscopic pores that are large enough to release moisture vapor yet too small to let water molecules to get in. This will allow sweat to escape the garment for comfort in wet condition, but at the same time will keep you dry. Say goodbye tot he first generation motorcycle rainsuits that kept you dry but sadly drench you in perspiration.

The choice is up to you really, whether you want to buy motorcycle rainsuit on a friendly-budget price but comes with substandard features like huge opening vents at the shoulder blades that obviously invites water in. Motorcycle rainsuit with fragile shell that will tear through constant wearing and hard to get into, that will require you to huff and puff and usually you are already soaked when you have the motorcycle rainsuit on.

If you are the kind of road warrior who wants to invest on motorcycle rainsuit with a lot of forethought and with the intention to be free from the forecast, like the high-end,very much favored Harley Davidson rainsuit that are laden with well-thought out features, with bells and whistles galore and reflectivity to stop a train. Harley Davidson raingear offers raingaiter lug sole that encompasses your boots to keep the rainout with slip-resistant soles.

There are many other feature that top of the line motorcycle rainsuits offer that are not available in other mid-range to low-end ones. The creme de la creme of motorcycle rainsuits offer, starting with the cut. the neckline is taller in the back to snuggle up to your helmet. the jacket is a wee bit longer in back than in front, so you can tuck it under your butt to keep out side-sprays directly coming from your windscreen. the jacket collar is lined with soft corduroy for added comfort or a wide stand up collar with a fold-back tab.

Hoods are stowable. There is also non-skid bum patches to prevent you from slipping on your motorcycle seat. The seams are heat-sealed. the inner jacket lining is made of mesh to assist in air-circulation and easier to slip on.

The waist belt system has cinch that allows ample adjustment for added multiple layers of clothing. Also features a three-way gusset system that seals the main entry. Outer pockets have double flaps. Hook and loop closure system that secure all entry points. An adjustable crotch strap,heat resistant leg panels and stirrup to help avoid melting the suit tot he exhaust. Scotchlite strips on the back that lights you up almost in zero-visibility situations. Hand warmer pockets. Easily packable (both jacket and pants) when you are safe from the rain. And of course the unmistakable logos as in bar and shield logo for Harley Davidson.

In a nutshell here are major points to look for in buying a motorcycle rainsuit:

-two-piece rainsuits (jacket and pants) easy to get into.No more hopping and rolling the side of a busy road.

-packability, easily stored away when not in use


-a little bigger than your actual size to accommodate additional layers of clothing

-wide foot entry

Although these motorcycle rainsuits probably won’t do you much in the event of a tsunami. The bottomline here in acquiring a motorcycle rainsuit is that it must be durable,dependable and comfortable. That’s why if you have two-wheeled passion, experiencing nature first hand is inevitable. A motorcycle rainsuit should be a staple of any biker’s riding kit especially if you are the type who wants to ride, when you want to ride,where you want to ride.

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