So You Want To Swap Your Stock Saddle For A Harley Davidson Seat?


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There is a mistaken notion when it comes to buying Harley Davidson seat or any other brands of motorcycle seat for that matter. We believe that if a motorcycle seat is soft then we think it is better. Well not so. In the show room we typically are drawn to the plushness of the luxurious soft motorcycle seat and hastily purchase it without checking twice if it’s really the right one for you.

If we want to swap our stock saddle for a Harley Davidson seat here are the qualities to look for:

1. Be wary of the soft motorcycle seat. Softer doesn’t always mean better. Even if initially the foam underneath the motorcycle seat is soft like a pillow, wait till you ride on it for longer trips. You will surely pain in your spine and butt and your legs will feel numb. because softer motorcycle seat will usually bottom out in the long run. You feel like you are just sitting on a metal plate(the seat beneath the foam) which is painful. It is because softer but cheaper foam has no resiliency and will collapse under pressure. Ideally, a motorcycle seat should have high-density foam in the middle and bottom parts and a thinner soft layer of foam closest to your butt and inner thighs.

2. Consider the rider’s personal specs. height,weight,inseam and posture will factor in your choice in buying a Harley Davidson seat. This is very important to the rider’s long range comfort. If the rider’s usual posture is slouching, it could mean the tailbone will get more pressure and expect lower back pain. If you sit upright, you are prone to upper spine aches. So the Harley Davidson seat you are thinking of buying must be positioned particularly the bucket should rise at the right angle.

3. The Harley Davidson seat must be wide enough especially for bigger riders and should redistribute your weight evenly on a larger surface. The rider should not feel cramped. Eliminating hot spots enhances long term comfort.

4.Consider the mounting and bracket system. Will it call for quick and sturdy installation of your motorcycle seat?

5. The touring crowd usually like to coax a passenger to travel with them. Make sure the passenger section is padded and roomy enough for the passenger’s comfort. The passenger shouldn’t complain of any slippage especially during braking.

6. Harley Davidson seat must absorb bumps superbly.

7. The cover of the motorcycle seat is important if you are the kind of person who is more into aesthetics.Leather is popular choice,appearance-wise but a bit expensive. Leather’s durability and breathe-ability are good qualities though leather is prone to water damage. Marine grade vinyl however can fetch a reasonable price compared to leather and at the same time mimics leather’s best qualities and moreover offers more water-resistance.

Mixing visual appeal,comfort and function is a bit hard when looking to buy or swap your stock saddle for a Harley Davidson seat. the qualities aforementioned above in looking to buy a motorcycle seat is surely a handy guide.

You have to remember though, that it takes an average of eight hours in order for the new Harley Davidson seat to break in for the materials to have good effects for the rider. Top companies that manufacture high end, top of the line motorcycle seats only want to design and build ergonomically shaped motorcycle seats available today.

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