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There are various motorcycle security systems in the current market as there are many ways thefts can steal your motorcycle. For starters, the crooks can chisel and use bolt cutters on your motorcycle chains. Some even use tools like torches and grinders. More serious criminals will lift your two-wheeler and load it into a waiting van and deal with the locks later at his own leisure. Others will get away with your motorcycle during a test ride and never some back.

You don't have to deal with anger,denial and all other mixed emotions that you will go through arising from a traumatic experience of having your bike stolen by protecting your ride. You really have no reason to leave your most prized possession at risk. You have to have a little foresight and more determination to out-step the bad guys.

There are several practical ways to decrease the odds of your machines being pilfered. Though no single motorcycle security system is totally foolproof but consider your peace of mind.

You are proud of your motorcycle. That's a fact. But don't park it in front of everybody attracting different kinds of attention and passing thieves can easily cozy up to it. If you don't have a garage , buy a motorcycle cover, lock your bike and cover it. Not knowing what is underneath the cover, makes it difficult to assess of stealing it.Metal grommets on a motorcycle cover can be locked in place to prevent the cover itself from being stolen and shoo away prying eyes.

You will need secondary locks. You can use a combination of locks like fork lock, steering lock, brake disc lock, u-locks,chains,lever locks on the clutch etc. The thieves would have no time nor the expertise to tackle different locks in one setting. Make sure the chains doesn't loop or drape on the ground for the thief to easily cut it with bolt cutter. The chain should be as tight as possible and pit the locks in hard-to-reach angle. The strong u-lock and chain use to attach your bike to a solid object like lamppost, fence or another vehicle preventing professional culprit s of lifting away your motorcycle into their truck.

If you have the extra cash and want to go high tech ,buy alarmed disc locks. Cutting chains, removing locks or even lifting your motorcycle cover can start the alarm and will make noise. get an alarm with pager that notifies you when someone tampers with it. You can't always be around the area where your bike is. So an alarm with a page is a good investment.

Don't park your motorcycle next to big truck or van. Choose carefully a spot to park where felons cannot intentionally block the view of your bike.

Fix a Datatag or Alpha Dot security marking system or use an ultra violet pen to mark you driver's license and other identification on body panels, frame. engines or seat. In case your motorcycle get stolen, you have better chance of getting your bike or parts back, if the police can identify them with you ID on the bike parts. This will also help convict the thief or the handler of stolen parts as well.

Take a picture of your bike, so that police will know what they are looking for. Have all important information such as Vin and license plate number and registration documents handy.

Of course, make sure your motorcycle and accessories have insurance coverage. Insurance will not keep your motorcycle from being stolen but the experience will not make it that traumatic.

You can choose either professionally installed motorcycle security system or the DIY kind.

There are lots of different locking system in the market, ranging from the top of the line to items you can scrounge at your local hardware store. Of course, the difference would mean the cost and the added benefit of decreased insurance premiums. You have a choice really, to stop thieves from rolling your motorcycle away and discourage street prowlers in search of an easy target by decreasing your motorcycle's theft potential by putting a kind of motorcycle security system on your bike.

motorcycle security systems

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